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  1. Hey we were talking about it yesterday in #general. I'm a big fan of Oceans overall but more in a way like we "Could" have continents. There is no reason to cross a ocean if it just loops the whole generation around again. So if you find a new continent with possibly a new climate it would be super rewarding. In my opinion, oceans shouldn't be crossed without a vehicle and should lead to straight death. I would say 5 mins of straight running should be a reasonable size (default) should be customizable. As on the Roadmap and possible often said the best way to cross an ocean would be Multi-Block Boats feels the most immersive. Monster/animals and special weather should be a must have for oceans. Small Island which can appear from 1 side to the other are also super important. Everyone wants his secret "Tortuga Bay". There is a bunch of Lovecraftian Seamonsters which can be quite interessting.
  2. Already in the Modconfig! "SnailEnabled": true, "StarfishEnabled": true, "SeagrassEnabled": true, "KelpEnabled": true
  3. I second this idea. I like it very much, but also i would only implement this once we have carts or similar. Also i think once carts/elevators are there. We should have the option to make big quarried blocks not moveable or very slowly ~ + you cant jump with it.
  4. The normal mold is craftable, just the VS Coins have a creative mold. Yeah remeltable is on its way for the normal coins.
  5. Yeah i wasnt sure about this yet. I'll make a version with resmelting. Capsup said its possible to make mod configs to enable/disable such stuff. So everyone could change it how he likes it the most. Will look into it.
  6. Its more a role-playing thing. I personally dont like the rusty gears. Also i would like to have Currencys with different worths to make purchases easier as example Because the Server is flooded with Copper, the Copper Coins are not much worth and since you cant smelt them back the Coins are not as much worth as Copper also. But someone decides to sell his meat stew for 12 Copper Coins. and you want to buy 10 of it. So instead of giving him 120 Coins, he says you can also give him 1 Silver Coin and 20 Copper Coins.
  7. Currency Coins I have no clue how to add a picture to this post. Not much to say about it, just pay your rent and sell stuff. You can make a coin mold with clay & cast your own coins! For Serverowners: There is a creative mold for Coins with the stamp "VS". So you can stop that players generate to much money. There will be still the normal coins without the Stamp. But you can just tell them thats fake money. Todo-List - Add Coinpiles - Add Doubloons - Add remelting-recipes (No idea yet, if i really want that, raises currency value) - Add Coin Bags - Cosmetic Blocks for Vaults (Not sure on this one, but would be nice) - Brands maybe, like the VS Coins just for normal players. English & German Translation Downloadlink
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