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  1. hmm i thought, that this function means, that everyone on the server will have list of all portals, that was found by others. Thank you
  2. @DArkHekRoMaNT how does sharing function work ? When i unshare teleports for all by command, after server restart still nobody dont see teleports. Maybe i shall create new world ? I dont understand Thank you
  3. Hi, how can i change cooldown parameter ? I stopped server, modified Mainconfig file like below and than downloaded json file to server directory. Than i launch server, but cooldown time is still 5 sec for all commands. { "enableRepeatingMsg": true, "repeatingMsgIntervalSec": 10, "repeatingMsg": "Welcome to server", "maxHomes": 0, "spawnCooldownSec": 10, "homeCooldownSec": 10, "warpCooldownSec": 10 } Thank you
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