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  1. That's not what I said. This mod only does something with the creative teleporter
  2. This mod changes that. You can now access the creative teleporter GUI in survival
  3. Hmm yes, making it require an iron plate is perhaps a better idea. I'll change that soon. The padlock is indeed a bit weird. I'm open to suggestions
  4. This is a very simple mod that makes the creative teleporter usable in survival. First it adds a crafting recipe: To break a teleporter you can right click with a padlock. You can download the 1.13 version of this mod from here: https://github.com/McJty/TpTools/releases/tag/0.2 You can download the 1.14 version of this mod from here: https://github.com/McJty/TpTools/releases/tag/0.3 Let me know what you think
  5. Hi all, this is my first ever mod for Vintage Story. As some of you may know I have made tons of mods on Minecraft already (The One Probe, Lost Cities, RFTools, Deep Resonance, MeeCreeps, ...). This mod was meant more as a learning experience. I had to learn a new language (C# vs Java) and a new modding API. So it's likely there are bugs in this mod. Please let me know if you find any. At this moment this mod adds two items. First there is the Spade: The spade has only one purpose: that's to move a single block of farmland while keeping its stats. There is already another mod that
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