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I don't see anything suspicious here... I am using almost indentical setup and it works fine...

If the wood burns out before turning into charcoal this means that one or more of the blocks in the walls (or floor, or ceiling) are not considered to be full blocks. Have you ever chiseled something there?

You may try to:

  • Add additional row of dirt at the top of the walls (I see grass on some of the top blocks in the walls which mean that there is air above them, which should be ok according to the wiki, but you never know what's changed in the latest version), so the ceiling dirt slab is 9x9 instead of 7x7;
  • Replace the obsidian with dirt;
  • Split the pit into smaller sections with dirt walls and see if each of these sections function ok;
  • Or just replace each and every block of the pit's walls, floor and ceiling with dirt, for example.

If the problem is that some of the wood piles are not converted into charcoal, this means that these piles are either too far away from the fire pit, or in another chunk and the firepit chunk bug is still alive and kicking...

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Nothing wrong with the pit itself.  I assume you close the two block entrance with dirt, glass or cobble (yes, I have glass blocks on my charcoal pit and it works just fine).  I wish doors (probably iron only) could be used, but current using any kind of door (wood, iron or trapdoor) will not enclose a charcoal pit sufficiently.

I'm concerned about that one block above the entrance.  Apart from that if you aren't getting charcoal, be exceedingly careful that you have a full stack for each column of firewood.

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  • 8 months later...

It should work just fine when it's raining.

Someone on the Discord may have had a similar issue yesterday, and after a bit of frustration they rebuilt the charcoal bit and it worked perfectly fine the second time.

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