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New Player Start (option to bring back the torch and bread)


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Provide a checkbox for New Players that would provide them with a few essentials at the start of the game:

  • 1 torch
  • 8 loaves of bread

These used to be provided at the start of the game for everyone. Perhaps providing this option will ease the stress that some are feeling, especially the brand new players.

Fellow forum members: Feel free to add other suggested items below.

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I think the new play just needs a tutorial quest like in 7dtd basic survival tutorial https://ravenhearst7d2d.fandom.com/wiki/Basic_Survival_Quest_Chain.

When i first start the single player i dont even know what to do first, and the first day i forgot to make a simple torch so i cried in a 2x2 dirt base in the dark night

I know there is a good guide in game but it is much better to display some kind of quests or any display that tells what to make on the first days.

Dont need food, player must explore a little to get food, but starving should be a longer process with negative buffs not just constant hp loss. One Basket maybe.


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Starvation is a fairly long process, but I agree that one should probably not starve to death if he had a good lunch, but skips supper and doesn't wake up for a midnight snack.

I'm not convinced anyone needs any equipment, other than maybe some nudges that equipment is possible. A nearly broken axe and knife, an improvised armor that has 1 hit left, a couple flint arrows ("Why am I carrying these arrows?") For a newb, things like that would get you pointed in the right direction. But, again, not something I'd ever do after the first couple games.

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