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Is it a bug that Kapok logs don't work in wooden pan crafting?


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On 10/29/2022 at 3:19 AM, Ezra said:

Knife to the right of a log => wooden pan (for panning)

Knife to the right of a Kapok log => Nothing.

Other crafting recipes like

Knife above log => wooden club

work just fine.

Just realized I misread your first post. I had it backwards (that it couldn't make a wooden club). Sorry about that!

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23 hours ago, Ezra said:

It turns out that a handful of other logs also can't be made into wooden pan. Aged wood and ebony for example (I don't recall the others).


Aged wood makes sense those are planks made from boards.  Ebony wood is very hard irl, making it difficult to carve into a pan.  At least that's the excuse I'll give for its lack of crafting into a pan.

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