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Exit Pursued by Bear

David Stark

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So I like to play in Wilderness Survival mode, but the addition of bears has rather diminished my enjoyment. I find that I'm getting randomly killed by bears every few hours, too frequently for me to be able to get gears to set my respawn point.

For example, yesterday I was about 12 hours into a game. I was equipped with wooden laminar armor and off to chop some wood. Then a bear appeared and hit me, taking nearly all my HP in one go. I started to run away, but it easily caught up to me and killed me. That was 12 hours down the drain.

The thing is, if I die in VS I usually think "OK, I have to get better at the game and develop some kind of strategy to prevent this". But with the bears, I don't know what to do. They turn up soundlessly and instakill me. I don't have the same problem with wolves at all, because wolves make sounds, and so I can avoid them or outrun them.

So I don't really know what to do here. Anyone else playing wilderness survival, do you have anti-bear tips?

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look around in plains, don't get close to forests unless really needed, plant your own forest(preferably pine) ASAP to get logs and avoid forests, clean up the birch leaves on the ground in resin/pine forests to increase the LoS distances.

Enter the forests having 3-4 blocks deep water near the entry point.

Mark known bears spawn areas(plains too) on the map and avoid getting there.


And get gambeson armor asap, at least the chest. It can be purchased from clothes trader on early stages.

Surprisingly the tailored gambeson is very good, much better than the usual gambeson - by stats only +5%, but subjectively/empirically as +25%. 4-5 shots by bear instead of 1.5 of unprotected, and 3-3.5 of regular gambeson.

If you are a tailor or opened the class crafts - tailored gambeson is a huge armor upgrade.

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Bears can be dodged, but you have to be running backwards to see when to jink. Obviously doesn't work in trees, but it's a bit easier there, so long as it's not thick forest. Instead of dodging, you can flat out outrun him. Just keep making 30 degree turns right past trees. If he's too close, he lunges past you and buys some time. If he's a bit further behind, he'll smack into the tree, buying you some time.


Oh, in case it wasn't obvious, you want to keep turning in the same direction if at all possible. Otherwise, you have canceled out your advantage of maneuverability, and improved his speed relative to you.

Also, if there are 1-wide gaps in trees, bears have a terrible time getting through. They may not be able to at all. I don't know. But if you have enough spears, and his only path is a 1-wide, you can bring him down to the point he runs away, then chase him for the kill.


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I've trapped several, sometimes for grins, usually because they are too dangerous to chase. There's no telling when they will have healed enough to turn around and chase you. But enclosed, you can finish them off without running over hill and dale. Just make sure you account for their extra reach through fences.

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1-wide openings. 

I often build 4-high dirt "towers" with a ladder on the 3rd block up.  I have to jump to reach said ladder and then climb to the top.  Useful as a lookout/archery post and a bear cannot climb it.

Bears also have issues going over fences, so using those as a "hurdle" you can get over and the bear has to go around might give you enough distance to get to safety or far enough they stop chasing you.

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maybe this webpage can give some brainstorming for our strong bears in this game - https://gudgear.com/how-to-keep-bears-away-while-camping/ as suggestions.
How to Keep Bears Away While Camping (8 Tips and Tricks)

I will start my next single-game in a warm climate zone, brown bears too strong for the early game, or I start in the default zone, but I have to wander 10.000-12.000 blocks (heading south).

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