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Mod loader select or deselect all mods

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That's really easy to do with command line switches. @Streetwind has a thread on it in the Guides section.

For example, I just download all my mods into the same folder, at the moment, it's


Then for playing with all mods, just add the switch to the end of the "Target" field.

--addModPath E:\dl\vs\118

So I have two links for each version I have installed, Vanilla and Modded. The "Target" field in "Vanilla 1.18" is 

E:\games\vs\vs118\vintagestory.exe --dataPath e:\games\vs\vs118\mygames

and for "Modded 1.18" is

E:\games\vs\vs118\vintagestory.exe --dataPath e:\games\vs\vs118\mygames --addModPath E:\dl\vs\118

But I do agree it would be nice to be able to save a modlist. My daughter likes a more relaxed game, so we play with Wildcraft, so food is never an issue, and with all those decoration animal mods, while my son prefers more hardcore, so we skip the mods that add food and add the dangerous animals. OK, technically dangerous animals are food mods, but they are berry bushes that hunt you down and kill you.

It would also be nice if it automatically unclicked all the older versions of mods by default.

Oh, and it would be really sweet if there an --addMacro switch so I don't have to manually copy my macros from install to install, and make sure when I update one I update the rest. 

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Hmmm. That actually works? I was under the impression that --addModPath would write the provided path into clientsettings.json and then it would stay there. Which would mean that mods would always be loaded from that location afterwards, even when the switch is removed.

Guess I was wrong about that? 🤔

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Yeah, it's really cool because by copying whichever link, then editing the --dataPath switch, you can segregate your games, too. For example, the active games I'm playing with my daughter and son are accessed by clicking on the "<daughterName> 118" and "<sonName> 118" shortcuts on the desktop, e.g.,

E:\games\vs\vs118\vintagestory.exe --dataPath e:\games\vs\vs118\daughterGames --addModPath E:\dl\vs\118


Oh, and did I mention it would be great if there were an --addMacros switch?


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I'm guessing @Streetwind is figuring out whether to add something about it, or to change his OP a bit. Doesn't matter to me which way he chooses to do. Or even if he does. But I suppose you could offer him a cookie. ;)

Oh, and another cool feature that would be handy is a switch to --addMacros that lets you specify where your macro files are.

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