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How many mods do you usually run in your worlds?


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So many good ideas in the mod database! I've been "simply" 1-click-installing most of them, and clearly got carried away. 
Last time i checked, i was running 56 mods, and i'm counting libraries too. Some of these make me think that "i can't play without them" anymore (unless they end up integrated in the vanilla game, you know how it goes~).

How many mods do you usually run in your world/server?
and how many do you consider to be in your "can't play the game without them" list?
Somehow i think that 56 is a pretty tame number

I'm kind of curious to know, but mostly, this can be useful to determine some features that make sense to include in the base game eventually. 
"Better Fire Pit" and "Hanging oil laps" could be good examples.

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Depends. Single player, usually somewhere between 0 and 4 or 5. Multiplayer, maybe a lot more. My daughter like to play with all the friendly collectible animals mods, so that can run into a couple dozen.

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Currently running around five.

Bullseye is the one that changes the gameplay the most and is also the one I'll pretty much refuse to play without.

I prefer to play with larger world heights, but the base game's terrain generation doesn't do well above the default settings, so another mod's needed here.

I've never been a fan of dropping all items upon death and getting hit with a 10min timer to loot your stuff before it despawns, so Player Corpse is pretty close to being mandatory. Even more so if you're playing without a map.

I'm also running Immersive Item Drop, and while I definitely like the change, it's not something I need in the same way I do Bullseye or the terrain generation tweaks.

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I think I have quite a few, and I always play single player survival, as I have very little time to play and joining a server just seems to take up space :D

I currently have 11 mods I think, nothing that unbalances the game play too much and I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Here the list :D

- DecO'Clock
- Volumetric Shading (Updated)
- Temporal Storm Timer
- Better Firepit
- Auto Map Markers
-Simple HUD Clock
- Better Ruins
- Ancient Dungeons (Th3Dungeon)
- Prospector Info
- Workbench expansion

- AlloyCalculetor

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Like Ryagelle, I can't play without the Carry On mod, it's just too convenient to not have.
My list:
Simple HUD Clock
Carry On
Better Ruins
A Culinary Artillery
Expanded Foods
Wildcraft Trees
Workbench Expansion
Helve Hammer Extensions
Medieval Expansion
Yabba Forge (I dislike metallurgy)
A Wearable Light
Hide and Fabric
Feverstone Horses
Joy of Sailing
Humanlike Skins
Primitive Tools
Simple Footsteps (no drifters can sneak up on me now haha)
Ye Olde Keg
Ancient Military Tech

Though the last three have not been updated and my distillery is really hurting without those pretty kegs T_T

I'm curious about ChemistryLib and Lavoisier to see how they work vs Alchemy, and the Kingdom of Sciences mods as well.


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