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Resource percentages question

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Hello all,


In my world I've noticed sometimes when I prospect I get something along the lines of:

Very High X (2%)

Decent Y (2.5%)

Why is it that resource Y is only Decent if the percentage is higher than resource X?


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Because that number isn't what you think it is.

The spawn chance of the ore is denoted by the adjective ("decent", "very high"). The number is ancillary information, and it's closer to debug output than anything useful. It's also different for each ore. If you ignored it entirely, chances are your prospecting efforts would be just as successful. Or perhaps even more so, because you're no longer getting distracted by a misunderstanding. :)


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The only practical purpose the numbers serve is that they can give an indication of which direction the "center" of the ore is. It's often easy to use the numbers from 2 Decent readings to go on to find a High or better reading. You could do it with just the adjectives, but you'd have to find where it changes to figure out if you were headed in the right direction or not.

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