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Any idea why my world might look like this playing on a modded server i just bought HELP!


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4 hours ago, StCatharines said:

Without knowing what mods are being used, I can't even begin to guess.

The only solution I can really think of would be either stripping out all the mods and then adding them back a few at a time and testing to make sure there's no issues. Or taking a guess at what the problem mods might be, removing them, and testing to see if the problem persists before adding back the non-offending mods.

I don't remember who it was that suggested this method, but I recall someone advising to cut the modlist in half, and then test each half to see which is stable and which isn't. Then take the unstable half, cut it in half, and repeat the testing until you've narrowed down which mod(s) are causing the problems.

The only other guess I have as to what may be causing the issue is there might be so many mods installed that the game doesn't have enough memory for the all the textures, but that's assuming I'm correct in assuming that there's a space limit for textures in the first place.

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