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Gold and Silver armor (v1.11.7, v1.11.8)


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Dear Community
v1.11.7, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

[Edit:] Also uploaded v1.11.8 to fix a potential server dead lock issue

Perhaps I shouldn't have touched the v1.11 branch anymore, now I cannot seem to stop releasing more of them ^_^;
I've come to notice the armor calculations were not calculated as intended, so they might have gotten a bit of a nerf now. But on the bright side, we've now got fancy gold and silver armor. They are mostly a vanity item, as their protection values are about the same as copper.

0-armor-plate-silver.png.5f9cc6dd6d877f3bf2b70557eddc0fdf.png  0-armor-plate-gold.png.a3d1ad691bebf42f86bde162443369fe.png


Game updates

  • Feature: Added Gold and Silver Chain and Plate armor by @Balduranne
  • Tweak: Added a section on mechanical power to the handbook
  • Tweak: Another attempt to fix stutter issues with the block info hud and block interaction help
  • Tweak: Entity info box now shows their damage tier
  • Tweak: Changed default surface copper deposity frequency for survive&build works from Uncommon to Rare
  • Tweak: Reduced the amount of salt lake beds by 33%
  • Tweak: Armor fix-up
    • Added "high damage resistant" to gambeson, leather and plate armor. This means damage taken from high tier
    • A high damage vs. protection tier disparity now drains the armors durability a lot more. In other words, if you decide to fight enemies that do tier 3 attacks with tier 0 armor then your armor will have a bad time
    • Some polishing touches to some of the armor sounds. Chain and brigandine sounds are a bit more silent. Brigandine sounds are now shorter. Landing on the ground now also plays a sound.
    • Fixed locust doing only tier 0 damage
    • Fixed: Jump walking/sprinting in armor was faster than going by foot
    • Fixed protection values incorrectly calculated
  • Fixed: Hyenas attacking in passive mode
  • Fixed: A bunch of fixes to make the game more crash resilient against invalid blocks
  • Fixed: Rare server crash
  • Fixed: Spectator mode players visible in the worldmap and held items were also visible
  • Fixed: Axe not chopping down resin logs

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