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Simple HUD Clock


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Version 3.3.0



Shows a simple HUD Clock in the left upper corner with the current ingame time.

  • Client side only
  • Hotkeys available
  • Customize what you want to see
  • all mod relevant data is saved in vintagestorydata/modconfig/hudclock
  • showing claim area you entered
  • dot-net-7 compatible

Have fun with it.


MOD Download



[if you like my mods, with a donation you can support me and my work]






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21 hours ago, Rhonen said:

the game delivers the season. i only bring that information to the UI :) Sorry 😅


don't know how exactly this is implemented ingame, but i think like

winter 21.12 - 20.03
spring 21.3 - 20.6
summer 21.6 - 20.9
autumn 21.9 - 20.12

The info i got was, that it is related to the distance to the equator.

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What is comming next

Upcomming version will also have not compatibility requirements.
Adding storm-arrival-dialog with display hours:minutes, when server triggered the apporach message.
Adding count for online players in MP Session


Adding additinal settings dialog

  • Show online players count
  • Show temperature in Fahrenheit
  • Show Storm-dialog
  • Show claimed information when available
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