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Skodones Models and Recipes (1.4.2)


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Here im gonna provide u with my mods and recipes!

Im working on 1.4.2 so the mod is only compatible with 1.4.2+

Im doing some animals for now, the sheep is already done and can be enjoyed fully here:

They come in 3 variants and are friendly, they bah and drop some meat (hopefully wool in future!)




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so as i see that Post editing is not a thing so to speak

i reupload here :)



a) features male, female and lamb

b) 3 colors: whitehead,  blackhead and brown sheep

c) sheeps reproduce when male and female is present, lambs are born and will grow up after a couple of days

d) sheeps will spawn on the map when the mod is installed

Future plans:

- let there be wool, get wool by killing the sheep (when implemented also when shearing a sheep)

- wool products to craft

COMPATIBLE and tested with 1.4.2pre5



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Recipes Update and fix for:

- stairs: some faces not rendering when placing another block in front

My recipe pack now contains:

- Flowerpot (fixed) must be burned, can be filled and gives back flower on destruction (see above)

- chimney (unlit) cannot be lit for now afaik (see above)

- wooden barrel (simple/closed), works like a chest   barrel.jpg.37c8c78f6311bc9a8a060813066ba2c3.jpg - bed wooden, decorative bed-wood.jpg.5a9841f427670b632af11871d8bf3163.jpg 

- bed hay, decorative bed-hay.jpg.58728c49fdf7d5502b5b992b0247a9c3.jpg - chair (simple wooden), decorative chair.jpg.10e30f93e834e36c6eb4430bb46821ff.jpg    

- table (simple wooden), decorativetable.jpg.c69bf4078bcc9e81b8032c5195744fe4.jpg


should be compatible on lower versions but for sure on 1.4.2.!


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