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3 hours ago, Gazz said:

Depends on the settings you chose when starting the game.

No, it doesn't - at least not concerning the question at hand. You cannot choose a setting that deletes everything you carry.


7 hours ago, Melidebby said:

If you die (I just did from a wolf) can you go back to the location and get your inventory?

Yes, your inventory's contents will spill out onto the ground and remain there until you return to pick them up - or enough time passes for them to despawn. If you are really far away after respawning, the location of your death will be unloaded, and no time will pass there until you return. If you respawn close by, you should be able to make it in time. Of course, the wolf is likely to still be there...

What Gazz meant is: you can configure the game to not drop your inventory on death. You will respawn with everything still on your person.

If you want this, you have to either go into the custom settings when creating a world, or use an admin command in an existing world: /worldconfig deathPunishment keep

After entering the command in the chat, you have to quit and reload the world for it to apply.

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5 hours ago, redram said:

Also, the despawn time is 10 minutes.   So if the chunk containing your loose items is loaded for over 10 minutes, the items will vanish.

That’s good to know redram.  I had wanted to know the despawn rate.  And now for a follow up, do you know how big a chunk is and how far from your death site must you be for it not to be loaded?  (Or does that depend on my world settings?)

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