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Stat Tracking

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I'm actually a bit of a statistics nerd at times, and I would love to be able to occasionally check and see certain stats like how much I've traveled, how many blocks I've broken, and how many things I've killed.

I do have some ideas for stats that could be tracked

  • Mobs killed (Maybe an additional menu that gives you specifics on how many of which specific mobs you've killed/been killed by kinda like MC?)
  • Players killed
  • Blocks placed
  • Blocks broken
  • Distance traveled
  • Items crafted
  • Rusty gears spent
  • Items sold
  • Items bought
  • Deaths
  • Crops planted
  • Crops harvested
  • Blocks panned

There's most likely more than that, but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.

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15 hours ago, l33tmaan said:

There should be a craftable scoreboard so people can check it 'in-character'.

A scoreboard would (probably) be kinda weird. Maybe a journal of some sort with multiple other uses that includes in-character stat tracking?

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