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Steel Age and Character Customization (v1.14.0-rc.1,rc.2,rc.3)


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Dear Steeled Community
v1.14.0-rc.1,2,3, a release candidate, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

300 features, tweaks and fixes later - here's the nearly completed version v1.14! ūüéČ
As always, before updating, we recommend making a backup of your favorite saves.

[Edit:] Also released rc.2 with the following changes

- Tweak: Backwards compatibility for old saves: Now able to load old journal entries, class selector no longer deletes clothes but drops them on the ground
- Fixed: building windmills higher up in the mountain did not provide a wind speed bonus

[Edit:] Also released rc.3 with the following changes
- Fixed: opening handbook for the first time showed an empty list
- Fixed: pounder overextended in the handbook detail page
- Fixed: pickup sounds gone from loose stone and loose sticks
- Fixed: using the propick crashed the game
- Fixed: missing translation on the coke oven
- Fixed: crusher throwing exceptions on wrong input items


v1.14 Game updates since pre.1

  • Feature: Completed the character skin and class selector
  • Feature: The Steel Age
    • Can now survival craft refractory bricks with aformention crushed minerals
    • Can now survival craft the metal door, refractory brick grating and stone coffins
  • Feature: The Pulverizer!
    • Fancy mechanical power stone grinder!
    • Can now crush bauxite stones, ilmenite ore, peridotite stones and quartz pieces into their crushed variants. Required to craft refractory bricks.
    • Can be survival crafted
  • Feature: More Body Temperature additions
    • Added clothing warmth protection
    • Added clothing condition and ability to repair clothes with flaxtwine or linen. (left click with linen in hands on clothes, not in the crafting window!)
    • Added frost damage when "harsh winters" is enabled
  • Feature: Added meteoric iron armor sets
  • Feature: New blocks
    • Packed dirt
    • Straw flooring blocks
    • Stick panes
    • Rough hewn fence
    • 7 new storage vessel variants
    • Leaded glass pane
  • Feature: Can now right click pick-up loose sticks and stones
  • Feature: Added coke ovens. Lets you convert bituminius coal to 75% coke, and lignite to 50% coke.
    • Build a 3x3 cube of fire bricks or refractory brick, leave the center empty and add a coke oven door to one side. Then fill the center with coal, ignite and wait 12 hours.
  • Feature: Coal is now placeable. Tall piles of coal collapse in layers. New coal sound. Charcoal piles have a new texture now
  • Feature: Anvil improvements
    • Will no longer pre-select the arrow recipe a cancelled recipe selection will drop the original ingot back.
    • Metal plates can now also be used to smith tools and other metal produce
    • The new blister steel is workable into steel on the anvil or with the help of the helve hammer
  • Feature: Small, subtle-ish, but pretty shader effects: Surfaces that the sun directly shines on (close to orthogonal) now get a slight glow effect applied on them
  • Feature: New controls settings: "Item collection mode". Determines how the player picks up items (always or only when sneaking)
  • Feature: The text fonts the client uses is now configurable in the clientsettings.json.
  • Feature: Cob can now become grass covered when exposed to the sky. Lowered speed of normal soil getting covered in grass 3-fold
  • Feature: A few new sounds
    • When placing items in the bloomery
    • When clicking a UI Tab
  • Tweak: Increased Godray intensity. Fixed an issue where godrays are not aligned with the sun
  • Tweak: Improved firefly spawning mechanic. Now should spawn when they are supposed to spawn (during low wind, low rain and warm nights)
  • Tweak: Cannot no longer right click spawner meta block in survival mode
  • Tweak: Added audit logging to server-audit.txt. Logs when the server finds suspicious flying behavior, when a player kills another player and similar relevant actions.
  • Tweak: Barrel cactus is no longer in the creative inventory terrain tab
  • Tweak: New installs of VS now start out with a High quality preset (with SSAO and low shadows on)
  • Tweak: Increased arrow velocity by 33% except for character with the Frail trait
  • Tweak: Added a light glow to rain particles, which makes them less invisible against cloudy background
  • Tweak: Halved terra preta deposits, but doubled compost yield
  • Tweak: Reduced metorite impact world gen feature by about 25%
  • Tweak: Updated trader goods
    • The luxuries trader now sells echo chambers for 30 rusty gears
    • The artisan trader now sells 6 new clay vessels
  • Tweak: Major Animal AI tweaks and fixes
    • Chickens, Hens and Chicks now flee about 10% faster
    • Slightly increased boar chasing speed
    • Drifter melee attack frequency more random and more often.
    • Fixed drifters fleeing from the player waaay more often than they are supposed to
  • Fixed all animals not becoming aggressive when they are supposed to
  • Tweak: Buffed crude and simple bow durability
  • Tweak: All mushrooms now spawn in a harvested state
  • Tweak: Wilderness survival worlds now respawn you randomly within a 5000 block radius
  • Tweak: Traders now refuse to buy spoiled or less than half-fresh perishable items
  • Tweak: Should fix greenhouses requiring a solid floor below farmland
  • Tweak: Items rendered in GUI no longer extend beyond item slot bounds, they will now be clipped
  • Tweak: Added new creative tab for mechanical power items and blocks
  • Tweak: New model for harvested horsetail and dry grass
  • Tweak: Minor layout improvements on handbook item/block detail pages
  • Tweak: Random large lag spikes when opening dialogs (Removed large object heap compaction triggered by opened dialogs).
  • Tweak: The bell now also drops resonance archives
  • Tweak: Crops will no longer grow well underground. Added "underground farming" toggle to world customize screen to revert that.
  • Tweak: Opening the handbook now focuses the search text field
  • Tweak: Anvils recycling recipe
  • Tweak: Beehives spawn in more wet areas as well now
  • Tweak: Barrel now shows an interaction help to use linen to take out cottage cheese
  • Tweak: Can now mousewheel on a drop down field to cycle through values
  • Tweak: Tweaked firefly spawning mechanics a bit, so hopefully they are more commonplace but also where they belong
  • Tweak: Muddy gravel is now also affected by gravity
  • Tweak: Disabled silver torch cactus block, was creative only and never completed
  • Tweak: Increase trader idle talk chance 5-fold
  • Tweak: Removed some tapestry from ruins, now sold by the artisan trader instead
  • Tweak: Minor godrays tweaks during nights
  • Tweak/Fixed: Spoiling foods can no longer cure/dry/ripen
  • Fixed: Temporal stability disabled on wilderness survival worlds O_O
  • Fixed: 3 bugs with Mechanical Power
  • Fixed: Lantern fixes
    • Plain glass lanterns are now craftable
    • All lantern types listed in handbook
    • Handbook help text about Linings
    • Traders are willing to buy either quartz or plain glass lanterns
  • Fixed: Mitigate incorrect arrow collision issues. Should now less likley get stuck when shooting over a block edge.
  • Fixed: Game crashing with minimap enabled on a 32x32 size world
  • Fixed: Controls list in the settings not scrollabe to bottom on gui scale below 7
  • Fixed: Client crash related to the minimap on startup
  • Fixed: At long last trader caravan fencing should be correctly rotated now
  • Fixed: Able to ignite creatures by hitting them with extinct torches
  • Fixed: Dropping a spoiled carrot gave the coal layer inside a forge also a rotten overlay
  • Fixed: Sneaking at the bottom of the lake stopped all player animations
  • Fixed: Reloading a world caused a change in gui scales to no longer updates guis and other not updating issues
  • Fixed: A snow layer in front of a fence which has a stone path under caused a crack into the void
  • Fixed: Environment dialog text cut off on gui scales below 7
  • Fixed: .tfedit crashing when clicking toolrack tab
  • Fixed: Game crashing when the game fails to save a screenshot. Now it only errors.
  • Fixed: Killed by "prefixandcreature-fox-arcticmale" message and other minor text issues
  • Fixed: Large world connecting/loading delays for some players
  • Fixed: Small tweak to AI Pathfinding to maybe reduce the amount of times where creatures walk back and forth towards a straight line goal
  • Fixed: Crocks destroying meal portions when trying to merge portions
  • Fixed: Mushroom snow coverrage not working properly
  • Fixed: Broken button text on chinese translations
  • Fixed: Typing in chat box caused dialogs to get opened/closed in some cases¬†¬† ¬†
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare crash when leaving a game world
  • Fixed: Should fix ladders not attachable to a solid face of a chiseled block
  • Fixed: Drifters go all sideways when on ladders and other minor animation issues
  • Fixed: Creative rotor in the survival handbook
  • Fixed: A crash related when attempting to render an invalid item (during collectible.GetItemDamageColor())
  • Fixed: Dropped items swimming in water affected by wind
  • Fixed: clientsettings.json saving spam
  • Fixed: Archimedes screw recipe still borked and crashing the game when looked at in the handbook
  • Fixed: Server side exception thrown during world generation
  • Fixed: Should fix others player stuck in one pose and not animating properly (might break other stuff)
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare issue where killing an animal with a cleaver could kill another creature that is being looked at by another player
  • Fixed: Molybdochalkos plates resmelting into only 1 ingot instead of 2
  • Fixed: Aiming accuracy modifer was applied incorrectly
  • Fixed: When knapping, single disconnected voxels now also fall off
  • Fixed: Some falling blocks emitting too many dust particles
  • Fixed: Potential massive lag issues and crashes from the gui system (Technical info: No longer parallel-process image blur, instead its now a single threaded, better optimized algorithm that runs faster than the parallelized one)
  • Fixed: Work items not remembering their recipe rotation
  • Fixed: Thrown stones not stone typed

API Updates

  • Refactor: BEAnvil.cs cleanup. No longer contains item specific code, through the new interface IAnvilWorkable that code now is located in ItemIngot.cs, ItemIronBloom.cs and ItemWorkItem.cs
  • Refactor: Added Property BlockFacing.Opposite. BlockFacing.GetOpposite() is now obsolete but will stay for a while
  • Refactor: When using UnstableFalling block behavior, the boolean value dustyFall has been replaced with a dustIntensity float value
  • Feature: New method Block.OnFallOnto() (when a falling block fell on a block)
  • Fixed: Should fix block.OnNeighbourBlockChange not getting called on the client in some cases. Might break stuff
  • Fixed: entity.WatchedAttributes.MarkPathDirty() called server side had a chance to crash the client
  • Fixed: Reloading the world did not clear external asset origins, causing an ever accumulating list of identical origins
  • Fixed: 3D Wearables rendering issues. ItemWearable.cs now warns if a wearable shape defined a texture but no texturesize
  • Refactor: CollectibleObject.OnBlockBrokenWith() now has the additional argument "float dropQuantityMultiplier"
  • Refactor: The delegate sapi.Event.BreakBlock now requires the additional argument "ref float dropQuantityMultiplier"
  • Refactor: BlockBehavior.GetDrops(), argument "float dropQuantityMultiplier" is now a "ref"
  • Refactor: CollectibleObject.GetMiningSpeed() now has the additional argument "IPlayer forPlayer"
  • Feature: Added trait exclusive grid recipes. Also documented in the handbook.
  • Tweak: Marked some methods virtual in ItemProspectingPick.cs
  • Fixed: Items with only texture code "all" crashed when placed inside a display case
  • Tweak: The temporal stability system now has a public field for the StormData property
  • Tweak: Added capi.IsSinglePlayer
  • Tweak: Added DiscGenerator.shouldGenDepositHere()


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Sorry, if i ask in wrong place, but...

Can i suggest one small addition to classes system? Possibility to bind some classes and server group/roles?

I mean, say, nomad/wanderer classes automatically go into groups with smaller claims, commoner, smith, clockmaster to group with default claim sizes and farmer have big claims?

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