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Echo Chamber Functionality


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Currently, I have a chest about half full of resonance archives I have found spelunking. Having seen an echo chamber at a trader, I could tell wat it was supposed to be: a record player. 

But it doesn't work, obviously.

It also can't be taken from the trader (by any means I'm aware of).

So, I think the echo chamber should be made functional, and buildable (some metal parts, wood, linen and resin might make a good recipe). I love the soundtrack to the game, it just sucks I can't play it when I have access to the means to play it.

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12 hours ago, junawood said:

It used to work, but since 1.13.4 I have tried it a couple of times and it did not work anymore.

Been having this problem and I haven't played any earlier versions, so I assumed it was merely non functional as of yet. Found a dozen or so underground ruins and many surface ones, no chamber, so didn't know they could spawn there too. Still, I think they should be craftable. Let the archives be the rare treasure, not the echo chamber.

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