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I would guess to prevent gaming (heh) the system. If you could change your spawn point at will or even at intervals, then it could easily be exploitable, especially if items were not dropped on death.

Besides, is it really that bad? All you really have to do is just wait. You will get exposure to drifters and so after you kill enough of them you'll get one.

If you are dying a lot, then you may be playing a little too cavalier in this survival game. If you are simply migrating a long distance then just teleport via console commands and then play as normal.

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11 minutes ago, Ariven said:

This doesn't really address your question, but maybe it could help: I've had luck getting temporal gears from panning slate gravel.

All gravel and bony soil has a chance of dropping temporal gears. It's roughly 1/2200 for each layer of bony soil, 1/3900 for each layer of gravel. So on average you can expect one temporal gear from 275 blocks (4 and 1/3 stacks) of bony soil or 488 blocks (7 and 5/8 stacks) of gravel--definitely not a real solution to the rarity of temporal gears as drifter drops.

Let me know if my math is wrong, I've done some rounding but those should be mostly accurate!

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