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  1. I LOVE RabbitTech Server. There are Teleporters that let you choose from the 8 cardinal directions, each unique in landscape and feel. Awesome, friendly and helpful community of players. Expert Admins and Staff always on the job keeping the server healthy and running smoothly. I Highly Recommend that you come and join us in exploring, crafting, building and socializing in this beautiful game that actually teaches you what our ancestors had to do to survive and thrive in ages past. I personally settled in the Frozen North as a Viking. To hopefully take on the challenge of the brut
  2. Thanks, yes I am new to Vintage Story and modding
  3. Is there a change to get this in a zip file? I can't seem to get this to open Thanks
  4. Hi there! I am in my 40s with a 14 yr old son. I would love to be a part of a server that is for more mature players and i will send him a friend request too
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