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Better Than Heresy (LWT's branch)


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Better Than Heresy.

1. What is Better Than Heresy?

BTH is a my personal branch of Lazy Warlock's Tweaks since original mod unsupported now.

2. Why BTH and no LWT?
LWT is a "Code Mod", sadly but i don't know C now, so i create BTH which is a "Content Mod".

3. You a drity plagiary/thief!!! *some angry smiles*

Nope, as Lazy Warlock says, anyone can continue support his mod. Also, technicaly for game BTH still LWT, because i don't want to all old LWT items become "white cube"

4. What difference between BTH and LWT?

I delete some recipes (single and triple knives as example), add recipes for seeds of some new plants. Mostly version 1.0.0 is cleaning and fixing for the sake of compatibility with 1.15.

5. What's next?

Rework straw drops, adding flax processing and anything good that i can come up with and create with my skills.

6. What we can do?

Post any troubles and suggestions here. Later i may add "patch notes" relatively to LWT, but i can't remember all my tweaks, so it will be based mostly on differences that will trouble you, so ones who comes next will now that some "bugs" not a "bugs", but "features". Also, i'll fix any real bugs. :)



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  • EreticKB changed the title to Better Than Heresy (LWT's branch)
2 hours ago, xxiCE xx said:

Just so that I'm clearly understanding.  This BTH mod REPLACES the LWT mod but still includes the content from LWT, plus makes it compatible with VS 1.15.1, correct?  We don't need to have BOTH installed do we? 

Correct. After i add some more stuff and fix current. (Straw roofs really need visual and content update for example)

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Hello! Random person here with a problem: I was using this mod in conjunction with some others, no issues until I went to produce lye in a barrel. The production went fine, but every time I tried to 'open' the barrel with the lye, my game crashed. I have a log and I'll post it up, in case this is an issue anyone else has and can be remedied :)





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So today i made a iron double knife recipe and it was literally 1 pixel short of completing the iron working with 5 of the pixels being in the middle of the blades and being unable to actually move them since the game wont let you do metal pixels in the middle of a flat piece so i had to add another iron ingot and i got my ingot back with the metal recovery mod but just thought you should know @EreticKB

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