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Which part of the Road Map are you looking forward to the most?

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  1. 1. Taken from the road mat, I am just curious, I have no power to make any of these things happen.

    • New crafting grid and farming mechanics
    • Improved animals and animal husbandry
    • Improved world generation
    • More lore
    • More and improved game play content
    • end of game
    • Game Engine
    • Wwb

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I'd definitely like to see improved (and additional) animals and animal husbandry. I'm looking forward to the fruit trees and the eventual shift to an annual crop growing schedule, but I think lack of variety of animals and simplistic animal behavior is really starting to grate when compared to the fairly sophisticated and varied crops.

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On 26.07.2022 at 11:50, ArgentLuna said:

Поліпшення тварин/Господарство. 

Можливість використовувати мотузку на тварині та переміщати її туди, куди вам потрібно, була б дивовижною, оскільки занадто багато свиней поступово вилучаються із загонів, а потім відмовляються повертатися туди.


I support completely. It is necessary to give the player the opportunity to lead the animal with a rope. Driving into a hole is not an option. Sometimes you need to bring the animal out of the pit over long distances.

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