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Which part of the Road Map are you looking forward to the most?

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  1. 1. Taken from the road mat, I am just curious, I have no power to make any of these things happen.

    • New crafting grid and farming mechanics
    • Improved animals and animal husbandry
    • Improved world generation
    • More lore
    • More and improved game play content
    • end of game
    • Game Engine
    • Wwb

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I'd definitely like to see improved (and additional) animals and animal husbandry. I'm looking forward to the fruit trees and the eventual shift to an annual crop growing schedule, but I think lack of variety of animals and simplistic animal behavior is really starting to grate when compared to the fairly sophisticated and varied crops.

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On 26.07.2022 at 11:50, ArgentLuna said:

Поліпшення тварин/Господарство. 

Можливість використовувати мотузку на тварині та переміщати її туди, куди вам потрібно, була б дивовижною, оскільки занадто багато свиней поступово вилучаються із загонів, а потім відмовляються повертатися туди.


I support completely. It is necessary to give the player the opportunity to lead the animal with a rope. Driving into a hole is not an option. Sometimes you need to bring the animal out of the pit over long distances.

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Personally, I look forward to fishing, herbalism and potion making the most. I'm also really looking forward to the ability to tame animals (like wolves) and to be able to ride them. More ways to get around in general would be nice. However, I find that the game lacks character progression the most so it would be nice if the next update was more about skills and achievements. Maybe a way to earn traits in-game too.

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I would love to see more stuff to explore, like settlements with quests or more uses for minerals aside from these bricks and dye. I played into the meteoric iron age and saw no drive to progress further because the steel didn't feel like I really need it for something aside better stats. If there was more tech to unlock like steam or similar stuff or more uses for mech energy it would be reeeally cool.

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More mechanical power things. I like working with the system, though i think it should come with 2 specific things:

More power generation methods (water wheels, steam boilers maybe?). Windmills are tough to use if you dont have a full-size windmill, or if its even just not windy right now. There not being wind is the primary driver of me just sitting there because everything i want to do requires me to have some mechanical power that i dont have because the wind isnt blowing. 

More reason to mechanize. So far, the only thing you use a windmill for is quern, which you can do manually and also you dont really need that much of anything ground down in a quern, a helve hammer, which is actually really nice if you have a full size windmill thats high up, and the wind is good, so kinda niche but good in that niche role, and a pulverizer, which you need to progress but otherwise dont use outside of refractory bricks. What if we could set up trade routes with villages to sell them large quantities of things, like bread or flour? That would make mechanizing a quern useful to produce the large quantities of grain quickly. Things like that. A reason to take advantage of mechanical power's ability to quickly make large quantities of items. 
In the recent devlog about 1.19 it says it laid the groundwork for multiblock vehicles, and i saw a post talking about hot air balloons and maybe airships, which while potentially a little too steampunky (im not complaining) in this game that feels mostly medieval, would probably require a lot of things that can be industrialized, like metal plates. Not to mention you would probably move with propellors, which go on axles, which means mechanical power. This is me speculating, but the picture in my mind is cool. 

Theres really a lot you could do with mechanical power assuming the devs go that route. Please. please do. 

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