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Block cutting / quarrying


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Just a copypasta of a chat in the discord about quarrying options.


tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:18 PM

How do you make a quern ? or more accurately, how do i make the granite stone to make the quern ?


StroamToday at 4:18 PM

break every block around the stone


MarcAFKToday at 4:18 PM

mine out a stone so theres nothing touching it


tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:18 PM

ah ok
that is not intuitive as a process


StroamToday at 4:19 PM

it's a tribute to TFC


MarcAFKToday at 4:19 PM

Yeah. Maybe we need a tool specifically for quarrying whole stone.


tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:19 PM

yeah the manual just needs to say how its done
since its not technically a drop from stone
it isnt mentioned
works though :smile:


MarcAFKToday at 4:27 PM

Hmm. Really would be slower than just mining out ever sorrounding rock.


tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:28 PM

yeah even at its most efficient its costing 5 rock to make 1 rock
and then you could only get... 3 ? out of that setup before you'd have togo again
could actually be a good use for the chisel, get a rock with nothing on <x> sides and you can chisel out the block instead of using a pick to mine it


MarcAFKToday at 4:31 PM

Bore holes into the block with an iron bar and a hammer, drive in wedges, or wooden wedges which are expanded with water. You would need to go every surrounding face, ... maybe have the block being worked on display the process being done on every connected face, and take longer the more faces are connected.


tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:31 PM

yeah basically some other system that makes sense and works in the game balanced


MarcAFKToday at 4:32 PM

Then you only need to take the tool to one block and mine it out with the game taking longer depending on how many faces are connected you don't have to think about it


tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:32 PM

yup, and it i means cobble isnt the obvious choice for building materials, you can take the time and get a nice material through effort rather than rote gathering


MarcAFKToday at 4:33 PM

Ah hell. ok at best you're looking at like 2-3 blocks mined out every stone you end up with. How about make the chisel give you 4 stone bricks?
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I agree that perhaps a specific set of tools should be used for this. The tribute to TFC is nice but one thing TFC suffered from was none of the mechanics having anything in common so it was impossible to guess how one might do something and one would have to resort to looking everything up.

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It'd be easy enough to add a section to the handbook about it, and a link from quern or other relevant entries.  I do think there should be an easier way, but it should be much higher tech imo.  Basically a diamond blade steam powered saw.

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They used to split boulders by pounding a bunch of holes in a line, sticking dry sticks in them, and then pouring water so the sticks swelled and split the rock along the line. For game balancing though might go with the similar process of using metal stakes and a hammer.

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It's not the quern I'm concerned with.  I think people mostly want raw stone to make polished stone.  It seems like this is intended as an easier method to get raw stone.  So if you replace the current method with an easier one, you shorten any possibility for tech progression to make it easier.   I think it'd be better if there was more room for progression in that regard, by keeping the current somewhat tedious and wasteful method.  All depends on exactly how the new method works though.  

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On 6/4/2019 at 5:17 PM, Stroam said:

It keeps the current tech progression. The only need for solid Rock is the quern and I wouldn't delay the quern further than it is. I don't have an answer for stake durability.  

IIRC, isn't Polished Rock is dependent upon Solid Rock?  My wife and I spent days digging out blocks and blocks (and blocks....) trying to decide floor color and pattern in the game we play together.  Went through a metric ton of picks doing it.


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