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Clothing and How to Obtain

Caitlin Brown

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I found a decorative chest (the Owl Chest) in a surface ruin... although I had to excavate the soil that was partially burying it, and the chest was in a basement room. It had a "diadem" 😇

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Hello been playing VS since start. Not sure where to look or how to find any of the "what I like to call" ( harder top find clothing) Like Forlorn shirt ,pants scarf stuff like that.?

I've been all over the place dug down Super deep to mantle wasted hours and tons of picks. I finally got curious and went god mode clipping to see if anything is dropping anywhere in any rooms anywhere. Guess what I found., NOTHING.  Its always the same type of clothing everywhere. I dont mean the same exact obviously but never anything else on that long list of things we could find. And Vendors after speeding up the game for days just to see on test for what vendors get always the same type of stuff also. I even gave myself a bunch of clothes to sell to the vendor thinking maybe they have to have stuff given to them to resupply with better stuff but still at a loss..


Has anyone found those mentioned items above or anything else that was kinda rare..  would love me a set of Forlorn clothes besides Rping I prayed and my(god)mode gave them to me..


Thanks for the help.

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