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  1. This is what I've done. Just cuts down on a lot of the grind in the interim, until something official is rolled out.
  2. Was I just extremely lucky or something, then? I killed two random surface drifters that were annoying me and got two temporal gears.
  3. Definitely a minor oversight, easily fixed I imagine though.
  4. Oh, nice. Now I just need to find the opportunity to actually dig a trench without getting mauled. Will their pathfinding allow them to just run right into a trench, though?
  5. I, too, am having hellish problems with wolves. In fact I currently have a pack of three of them, with three more pups trailing behind, spawncamping me in my makeshift ruins base. Been a real pain in the ass trying to poke them with my spear whenever they come near the walls.
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