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  1. Thanks for the bug reports everyone, I'll take a look at them as soon as I'm able too. Been swamped with work unfortunately.
  2. Bump, I backported all of the recent bugfixes and features to 1.14.10 for those who are still playing on their pre-update worlds. For the foreseeable future, I will be maintaining Lichen at least one major version behind the current version alongside the current version . So, until 1.16 comes out, expect Lichen to be updated for 1.14 as well as 1.15. Depending on if mod version bottlenecking occurs (like it did for 1.7.10 in minecraft, for example), I may choose to maintain specific previous versions, or at community request.
  3. In other games, (Rimworld for example), the mod API supports multiple game versions in a single mod zip. (This document outlines how multi-versioning is carried out in rimworld) This feature would be extremely useful for transitional periods where users may want to stay on their older worlds until the newer version of the game is stable, and would allow mod authors to much more easily maintain multiple versions of their mod without having to upload multiple files.
  4. Bump for update. You can check the MODDB Page for preview images. Unfortunately it seems like media uploads are disabled to the forums for some reason, so until that's fixed, no previews will be available on the main post. https://mods.vintagestory.at/lichen
  5. Bumping this topic to confirm that this is still working in 1.15.
  6. Thanks for the bug report, no idea how i missed this in testing. It's fixed now. Updated Vintage Story to 1.15! Everything should be working, but please report any bugs you find. I already know about reed mats showing their code names rather than their language names when placed on blocks. I think this might be a bug with 1.15, since some of the default rugs do this too.
  7. Is there a way to configure the height of the tentbag to be 7x7x7 rather than 7x3x7? the tent blocks I made were designed for a higher height in mind and it would be cool to have it work with this!
  8. You're not dumb, I didn't really explain it, so it's not obvious. They function like stair pieces -- try aiming at the "top" half of a block it's next to when placing it down, it'll switch to the corner model. It can be tricky, but I wanted to make it so you didn't have to craft corner pieces separately.
  9. Is there anything special you have to do to make the tree size work? Any value I input seems to have no effect whatsoever, 5, 10, 25, even 1000 -- absolutely no change in game. I am generating a new world each time.
  10. That's in my plans actually Some decor uses for the horns. I wanted to get the tool uses out first, but then that update got delayed. Well, I can start working on that now, though!
  11. Oh I see the issue. I packaged the zip file incorrectly. Redownload it now, it should be fixed. Thanks so much for reporting the issue!
  12. Bump for update. Thanks for your patience folks I got wrapped up with life and stumped on like a single json file, but people in the discord helped me when I finally asked for help Excited for what VS 1.15 will bring us! Definitely a lot of new stuff for us to play with as modders, that's for sure.
  13. That's my plan after this update I wanted to start working on antelopes
  14. I decided to not give deer fat drops since deer venison is not a very fatty meat, and during my research, I kept finding reports of hunters irl saying deer fat 'turns rancid quite quickly', and so it is often not used. So in order to diversify the drops, and to stay true to life, deer do not drop fat. Very soon their antlers will be useful for other things, though. Also hello everyone, it has been a while since an update but I (and this mod) are not dead. The next update is almost ready to go but I have been stuck on a coding problem, and then I got wrapped up with real life. But I will attempt to fix this issue I'm having and release the next update ASAP. Thanks for your patience!
  15. Yeah, this does not sound like something my mod in specific would do. I feel like this should be filed as a proper bug report in the bug issue tracker for the game, because if this can occur with blocks with my mod (which is purely a content mod, aka the simplest form of mod using purely json API hooks, no new code) then this can occur with any other mod that adds new blocks (possibly even the vanilla game), and thus should be something that Tyron probably needs to know about.
  16. I'm working on the next update, and it's not quite ready yet, but it will include: Antler working! Cut up your antlers into pieces and turn those pieces into knives, pickaxes, and arrowheads. Antler pickaxes are a primitive, stone age era form of mining that only allow the mining of stone and flint, inspired by our IRL ancestors Reed mats! Large and small decorative reed mats to decorate your tent or home Hide Floor Cushions! A cozy little spot to sit on while you knap tools or work on chiseled art. Dyeable! And possibly more, depending on what I feel like adding
  17. A lot of comments! I felt that the amount was appropriate, as I was able to achieve a decent sized tent in single player game while still in the stone age relatively easily, but it does take some work. I did not want to make them too easy and therefor unbalanced, however they were originally going to be more expensive before I tweaked them to output more blocks per recipe. Huh, seems you are correct! I had quickly googled the definition of lichen for flavor text and the top definition seems to be incorrect. I think a glass window in a tent would be stranger! You aren't obligated to use the window blocks however, they're separate craftable pieces. Vines tend to be pretty expensive in that they're hard to find especially depending on where you live, so I opted not to use them. They spawn in addition! Any entity mod that is made correctly will spawn in addition, the API is quite nice for that. It's quite trivial to add new animals and things like that. As far as overcrowding, I specifically set it so they did not 100% overlap any of the spawn conditions of prexisting animals, but overlap with some of them, as well as having their own unique spawn area (gravel forest) that no other vanilla animals currently have. I'm not sure how the base game handles overspawning, but at the moment, there is no issue with this. As lichen grows and adds more animals (and the base game adds more animals), and if we do run into the issue of overspawning and spawn competition, it'll be pretty trivial to fix by altering the spawning biome requirements as well as how many animals of a specific type are allowed to spawn when a spawn check is successful. At the moment, the tents are not meant to insulate, yeah, merely because it's a mechanic in the game I do not understand from a modding aspect yet. I still need to understand *how* the game handles insulation and temperature, and what mechanics directly affect it with blocks, when I do, i'll add it to the tents, but at the moment, i'm fairly certain the tents will not keep you warm.
  18. ================================================================== A simple mod that adds the ability to make flint chisels. Flint chisels are significantly crappier than the metal versions, at only a third of the duration of copper chisels, but you can make 3 at a time with the flint knapping recipe. Our IRL ancestors made flint chisels, so I figured this would be a nice addition. ================================================================== Flint Chisel v1.0.0.zip
  19. Something relatively simple (hopefully?) Map region names. Like, for naming towns, or biome features (like deserts, mountains, oceans, lakes, valleys, etc). Would be cool if it was sync-able on a server, but even if it's client-side only, that would be great, since I play primarily singleplayer. Really all I want is the ability to put text on the map itself, nothing fancy. But if you do something fancier, have fun.
  20. Updated to 1.3.0! I wanted to know your opinion on the tent system. I do not plan to make it any form of fancy instant multiblock system that automatically constructs itself (someone already asked, lol), but if anyone has any input of desired features for the tent system (specific pieces for building, really), please let me know. I already notice myself missing an inverse corner piece, so I will probably start working on that.
  21. Heya, this is one of my favorite mods! Would it be possible to request a compatibility patch with my mod, Lichen? ^^ I'd love to have a deer hide rug or a deer head on the wall If you need me to make the models, I can do so, I just didn't want to steal your thunder
  22. I've now added antlers as a harvest-able item from bucks I'll be adding crafting recipes relating to them soon, so for now, just get yourself a stockpile going! I'll also take a look at farmlife later myself and see how trivial it'll be to make and maintain a patch for it.
  23. Oh, thank you! I am currently working on the deer not eating properly right now, that is because I forgot to patch this behavior into the base food files. This will be part of tonight's updates.
  24. Thank you for the translation!! And thank you for the bug fix! I think this explains some other issues I was having as well. I will be releasing a new update later today.
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