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  1. I often start a server for friends using VintagestoryServer.exe. But since its icon and name are very similar to Vintagestory.exe, I sometimes get confused and run the wrong thing. It would help inattentive people like me, and indeed it would be beautiful!
  2. Great need! I find VintageStory a very cool game, with very beautiful graphics. But she really lacks the texture transition for the blocks. Many block textures simply break off and it does not always look beautiful. I really want many block textures to have perimeters. I know that this is not a very simple task, but with these texture transitions for blocks, I will be ready to live in the game!
  3. I think it’s worth adding the ability to embed mods (mods or resources for the game) into the map. This will allow map creators to create maps using their own blocks, for example.
  4. I think it can be done in much the same way as resource packs on Minecraft servers.
  5. I agree, just add the ability to customize this effect. Make it more transparent or disable it altogether.
  6. I would like to contribute to the translation of Wiki into Russian My nickname:
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