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  1. -Collaborative Classes- Collaborative Classes is a mod that aims to bring a stronger focus on classes in vintage story. This includes changing the postives and negatives of the classes to be more focused on collaborative gameplay. Many of the classes now specialize in only a few particular things, with a set of negatives to things they are not good at. With the aim of the mod to promote trading and collaboration on servers, I would recommend not playing in single player. Please note: I would personaly say that the one class that is the most useful would be the Engineer whilst the So
  2. Need help understanding charactor class traits My request is simple. Is there a list/config of the ingame traits (or rather the modifers that make up the traits) that can be applyed to a charactor class? If i wanted to make a class do certain thing better or worse how would I find what modifers I would be able to change/modify? For example I want a farmer charactor class to be able to farm better or have better yeild how would I do so/what would be the modfier I would have to put into the 'traits' json file? Future thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the the help Spear and Fang. I think I've gotten a little closer to making this mod a reality but sadly this method didn't work and I belive i will have to edit the files in C# to make it work. I have tikered around in C# but have yet to get it to work maybe someone (who is smarter than I) can work it out. I have left the two files that I currantly have, one i have messed around changeing things in c#, the other is a clean version of what i started with. Thanks again for the help. Oats Oddities 0.1 (modified).zip Oats Oddities 0.1 (un-modified).zip
  4. -HELP! I'm in un-bee-lievable trouble- i've recently got into this game and there are some things that I would like to mod but have very little techinical skill/know-how. Over the last 8 hours I've been trying to add a new block into the game which is identical in function to the base Skep block but looks diffrent and is built with a diffrent crafting grid recipe. I have have achived the creation of said block and implemented it into the game as a 'static' block, not to mention I have manged to stumble through working out how to allow myself to craft the block. -I don’t hive a clue!-
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