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Whats in your settings?

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Cold is more noticeable in this world, early on I find its necessary to have little warming huts close to where I'm working. Once I have full set of furs its not so bad.

There were no cat tails near me in the beginning. I didn't find them until the second summer when I traveled south. By that time leather production was up and running and the baskets were not needed. 

2 harvests possible if you water some. 3 with a greenhouse.

The only seeds I found before traveling south were Rye and Parsnip.

Food still lasted plenty long once processed and in storage, 10 or 11 months if sealed. But it was tough to get it in the cookpot before it rotted.

-25% Forestation opened up the woodlands just enough. They are still dangerous but you don't need to hack your way through them all the time.

I think surface drifters are better as an environmental feature of weirdness, rather than a challenge to be overcome. Fewer encounters actually makes the effect more pronounced . These settings reflect that well. 

Mods are: Black powder guns and crossbows. I'm not big on arcade style combat, the harder hitting ranged weapons are a nice way to mitigate but not remove it.

Sail boats, round sun and moon, and long lasting firewood. Its nice to have the fire burning all the time and the additional requirement of pitch seems to be a good balancing point.

Oh, and tombstone, which creates a skeleton with my inventory on death so I don't have to rush back to it. I loaded this up on my trip south when I realized that I was stressing getting killed and loosing my inventory.

Next time I'll keep everything the same but turn landcover down to 50% and install the Rivers mod.


What are your settings?

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Single player, I take it? Usually defaults for wilderness. Sometimes turn on cave-ins.

I play either straight Vanilla, or Vanilla+ ( @Rhonen's HUD Clock, @Spear and Fang's Sortable Storage, @Taska's Meteoric Expansion), or , once I'm content that I've played the devs' vision, with one or more larger mods like Primitive Survival, Medieval Expansion, Bricklayers, Expanded Foods, Wildcraft, Fauna of..., etc. to get a feel for how others would balance the game. Bricklayers will probably be moved to Vanilla+ at some point.

Done the cold starts, but they take away too many of the fun parts of the game, and replace it with way too much grindy tedium for my taste.

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It really depends on the flavor of playthrough I want at the time. For the most part though, I tend to stick with most of the Default Balanced settings, so that while the gameplay is still challenging I'm not getting absolutely frustrated when trying to build either.

Starting Climate: I've actually taken a liking to the Cool start zone here lately. It's quite a bit tougher than the Temperate zone, but completing the standard lineup of gameplay has felt a lot more rewarding. I might have to go for a proper Polar start one of these days, as I was hoping to hear the new arctic music in the winter but I don't seem to be far enough north for it.

Month Lengths and Temporal Storms: I tend to leave these default, as the default gives a good cycle to each season(about the time I get bored of one, the next arrives) and the storms come often enough to be a concern, but not so often that they're frustrating. The storm interval setting hinges on what I sent the month length to--if I make the months longer I tend to make the storm interval longer as well.

True Map Colors: I turn these on so I can better see what's actually on the map. While I like the hand-drawn styling of the new map, it's a lot harder to make out where the ruins and trader wagons are.

Keep Inventory: I would only turn this on if I want an easier game and/or want to teleport back home without too much penalty(just eat the really bad mushrooms and there you go!)

Cave-Ins: I keep these turned off. The mechanic is interesting, but I prefer to just dig a hole, get what I need, and then move on to something else.

Auction House and Land Claiming: I turn both of these off--they aren't needed in singleplayer.

Class-Exclusive Recipes: I usually end up turning this one off as well, especially since I figured out that for some reason, none of the traders sell sewing kits.


In regards to mods, I do tinker around, but I try to keep my list pretty short and somewhat close to vanilla.

Ancient Armory(Medvhe): It makes the unused weapons(those ruined ones you find) useful, craftable options. I'm not really a fan of the Falx sword design and like having multiple destructive things to pick from.

Buzzwords(SpearAndFang): I generally end up enabling this one if I'm having a lot of trouble finding bees.

Flower Farming(Craluminum2413): I like decorating with plants, but don't like absolutely stripping the countryside to do it or cheating them in with creative mode.

Freedom Units(BillyGalbreath): Because Americans will do almost anything to avoid the metric system.

From Golden Combs(Vinter_Nacht): Once I find bees, I like to put them in a proper bee box. The Langstroth hives also help produce a lot more honey in much less space.

A Warrior's Drink!(Flint_N_Steel): Mongol warriors are cool, and it's another option to fill the Dairy nutritional need.

XSkills(Xandu): Probably the backbone of my modlist. It gives a nice way to flesh out a character more and make them better at various tasks as time goes on by giving you points to put in various skills. It does a little while to earn the skill points, but it feels like a nice reward for just playing through the gameplay loops when they come.


I've also played with Fauna of the Stone Age and the Wildcraft suite before. I tend to get a hit to performance with Wildcraft though, and while having more food options is nice the sheer amount that it adds kinda takes away some of the challenge of not starving. The Fauna mods didn't affect performance as much, but the rate of big cat spawns nearby could get a little annoying. The main issue I had with Fauna is that I ran out of storage space even faster from all the hunting trophies I acquired.




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9 hours ago, LadyWYT said:

Freedom Units(BillyGalbreath): Because Americans will do almost anything to avoid the metric system.

Because Real Americans... ;) There's not much we measure in metric, and what we do irritates them. Things like 9mm, 10mm, 5.56, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Mauser, 7.62, etc. The real temperature units are also the big reason I use Hud Clock. That and the room indicator.

I also like some of @DanaCraluminum's information tweaks. If those were separate from the gameplay tweaks, I'd make that Vanilla+, too, but by the time I get that all configured right, there's a new sub-release, and I'm starting all over.

If I'm planning to play more than a year I add Golden Combs, too. It's late July or early August before you can get the Langstroth going so not much point in a single-year goal. In that case, I also add his crop and smithing rebalancing mods so I have something useful to do in year 2.

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On 6/20/2024 at 7:07 AM, Thorfinn said:

Because Real Americans... ;) There's not much we measure in metric, and what we do irritates them. Things like 9mm, 10mm, 5.56, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Mauser, 7.62, etc.

'Muricans also measure their alcohol in metric.

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