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Option to disable damage overlay 1.12.2


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I'm bumping this again. Seriously, the overlay is a real problem for me. I'm not asking for it to be removed entirely. I just want a way to turn it off in the options, or mod it out in the jsons. Update after update comes out with loads of notes but no mention of a way to disable this.

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Yea, was a bit tough to look at suggestions until recently, I had to deal with lots of support tickets and major bugs. Here's a way to mod it:

1. Open assets/game/shaders/final.fsh
2. Go to line 143
3. Replace

g = cnoise(vec3(gl_FragCoord.x / 20.0, gl_FragCoord.y / 20.0, 0)) + 0.5;
g += cnoise(vec3(gl_FragCoord.x / 5.0, gl_FragCoord.y / 5.0, 0))/5;


g = 0.9;

for a reduced, old style damage overlay effect or with

g = 2;

for no damage overlay.

You can hit ALT+F1 in-game to reload the shader if you want to test different values.

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Thanks SOOOOOO much everyone who has supported this topic! I have not been on lately but I am shocked at how many people have replied. Also Tyron thanks so much for posting the fix for this it really helps. 😁😁

PS: I love the community this game has. It is very awesome that everyone is very involved, especially you Tyron!

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