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Great game ... great start ... but after 10h of gameplay no sign of chalk or lime?

Try those seeds as of V 1.12.5:

  • Seed 0: Spawning right in a Limestone-Area. Once you find your first flint, you have enough cattail, food, wood, clay, peat and of course cobble to get going.
    Finding surface ores though is a bit more tedious. But some deposits of browncoal are nearby.
  • Seed 4: Limestone is the second rock layer at spawn. Lots of wood, food and cattail. I like this seed with setting the environment to hot and humid - have to check for bees spawning, but.
  • Seed 16: Chalk is the second rock layer. Quite a barren start. Once you find clay, peat or forests, you are leaving the Chalk-Area.

Are there any seeds that you like? For what reason ... what is important for you?


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seed 66119 v1.12.8

it has an empty trader, free house/storage. it has a teleporter super close to spawn in a cave that is directly open to the surface. it has epic terraced mountains with waterfalls and some exposed marble. if using wet environment there are tons of kapok. if normal dampness it is birch. i have trouble finding food but there are plenty of cat tails til that is solved. i would classify it as an eye candy spawn, not a resource spawn. and thank you for sharing those seeds. i have been having a terrible time finding those things.

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-2005380138 This seed is pretty good in that it has limestone, but not an overwhelming amount, and it's mostly second layer, so you can still find plenty of surface copper.   There is a good amount of sedimentary, so you can find coal (I found both brown and black).  and still plenty of igneous for finding tin.  Also a lot of caves in the area.   You start in a nice green area with plenty of berry bushes, and pretty flat terrain just south of spawn.

It's worth mentioning that points of interest - such as traders and ruins - are just random for each world generated.  You're not guaranteed a given trader will be the same in another world that uses the exact same seed, or even that that trader wagon will be there at all.  Ruins are also random, so just because one person got a translocator in a spot, doesn't mean the next person will with the same seed.

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seed: Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.

world height: 384


Beautiful start area, and some areas to the north are even more impressive! Some areas in this seed are the most beautiful terrain I've seen in any game. There's lots of limestone to the east and northeast, and copper and tin aren't hard to come by. Tons of caves, of course, and if translocators are part of the seed gen I've found lots of them too. I haven't found any salt yet, and I've not found much iron, but I generated the world back when ore generation was very rare at higher than default world heights. There's enough sedimentary rock that I'll likely find salt eventually, though.

You can find limestone north/northeast/east of spawn. I think easiest area to get to might be around 300 X, -1900 Y.






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