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Crops drop more seeds when fully mature, leaves drop more saplings, grass(-like blocks) drops seeds rarely.

It's on Github here: https://github.com/LlubNek/vs-MoreSeeds


For VintageStory versions before 1.14:


For VintageStory 1.14:


For VintageStory 1.15:



Edited by Yorple
Updated 1.15 version
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Love this mod; definitely makes planting fields a lot less time consuming; however, I'm not sure if the 1.12.14 version is working for trees in 1.14. Destroying leaves seems to get me the same amount of saplings as without the mods. Getting seeds out of grass seems to work fine.

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On further inspection, 1.14 does in fact need changes for trees.

Specifically, in leaves.json from 




And the same for branchy leaves. Likewise, 


should become

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