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Bears, Deer, and Game Trophies

Christian Capocci

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Hello everyone, I am new to the forums but have been a long time vintage story fan. As I play I always thought the idea of adding bears and deer to the game would be so wonderful. These two creatures would compliment the rest of the wildlife so far and make things more interesting when it came to survival and hunting. 

Alongside this I would love the idea of being able to display things such as pelts on walls or as a carpet on a floor. Taking animal heads, skulls, or antlers and hanging them on walls would be so cool. 

What are your thoughts on these ideas? would others like these too? 

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7 hours ago, Stroam said:

If you check mods, there was a mod that added animals and trophies.

Immersion isnt updated atm with current game version but i agree that bear, polar bear, grizzly, deers and other animals could be added. I also loved to play with that mod and had their trophies hanging on my wall.

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Love the idea of bears.

also how about making raccoon hats, hunters bear hood, wolf hood, since there are only small medium and large hides in game now but a huge one is list and no way to get it a bear would be the one to have it.  Could be small black bears near ponds and water and brown bears near flat land or tree areas. Grizzlys up on higher mountains or in caves and polar bears in the snow.  

would love to see dear ducks, squirrels. Other in there. 


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