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Map waypoints add hotkey


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Adding map waypoints is a little bit tedious process. What about some hotkeys (lets say 5 pcs). Every hotkey has presetted color, icon. If I click hotkey game adds new waypoint with presetted color and icon, position on my current position and opens dialog for entering waypoint text. I write text and click enter. Quick, simple, comfortable.

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@Kiptrix. It's not horrible process. But it's not so easy as you've said:

Open map. Zoom map so the position of waypoint should be precise. Right click. Write some text. Manually enter color (this is weird). Click icon selector, move down and eventually scroll because your icon is at the bottom of list. Click ok. Ehm.... It's not so straightforward.. 
Finally you use only few of icon (namely: pickaxe, ladder, trader wagon, star, spiral) - no need to have another in the list. You use only few colors mainly because some color is very badly visible on the map (namely: red - for search, orange - special case for example transponder target, yellow - searched but repeatedly user e.g. trader, blue - the place is done/closed).

I usually want to place only these types of waypoints:
- opening of cave (ladder, red)
- ore to pick (pickaxe, red)
- trader (trader wagon, red)
- transponder (spiral, red)

I usually change color to blue as soon as I finish some place (e.g. ores, explored caves)

So few hotkeys for concrete waypoints would be perfect.

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I'm not entirely sure since I've never done it myself, but my brain claims to remember I saw someone talk about making waypoint macros that only take one keypress to activate.

Let me see if I can find someone in the know.

EDIT: I found a video! :)


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Macro - perfect solution. However is it possible the macro asks for waypoint title ? Something like that 

"/waypoint addati pick °0 °0 °0 false red #enter_text"  => dialog asks for text, replaces #enter_text with entered text and executes this command. ???

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My issue for waypoints are if for example you wanted to teleport to them similar names get overwritten in the database so you end up teleporting to whichever one is called last. It's frustrating when you have a few Artisans or food merchants.

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