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This mod is inspired by the recently released Minecraft mod of the same name by my friend LemmaEOF. It removes 85% of chunks from generating altogether, providing a completely different play experience for those looking for something new - perhaps a little challenge to freshen things up? As there are no balance changes made to the game such as dungeon or ore spawn rates or even a guarantee that you spawn on a bit of land that would give you blocks to get to nearby chunks, some world customization is recommended.

screenshot.thumb.png.a09599a7d1c6277ec1d2e4f97fd1be4a.png worldmap.thumb.png.b3942079892ae08ee3adc43f59d847fe.png

[ VSModDB ]
[ GitHub Releases ]
Source code is available on GitHub as well.

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Its strange, but when i create new world, i have all chunks generated. No empty chunks - all looks like just as in vanilla.

Game version 1.14.7. No another world-generation-change mods.

But there is error report in console:

29.1.2021 18:52:12 [Error] System.Exception: Invalid spawn coordinates found
   в Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.EntityPosFromSpawnPos(PlayerSpawnPos playerSpawn)
   в Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.GetSpawnPosition(String playerUID, Boolean onlyGlobalDefaultSpawn)
   в Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.FinalizePlayerIdentification(_icpJQCjhVYa6ZAMDaGe5Bb2g5fd packet, ConnectedClient client, String entitlements)
   в Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.HandlePlayerIdentification(_VOScRRtAYcHFvBUCVU8Q2cQeB3O p, ConnectedClient client)
   в Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.ProcessNetMessage(NetIncomingMessage msg, NetServer mainSocket)

Mod seems loaded ok. Server-debug log contains info about it:

29.1.2021 18:58:10 [VerboseDebug] [skychunk] Check for mod systems in mod C:\Users\roman\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\Cache\unpack\SkyChunk-VS1.14.7-v1.0.0.zip_e4d823662a99\SkyChunk.dll
29.1.2021 18:58:10 [VerboseDebug] [skychunk] Loaded assembly C:\Users\roman\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\Cache\unpack\SkyChunk-VS1.14.7-v1.0.0.zip_e4d823662a99\SkyChunk.dll


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3 hours ago, Digitalr said:

Its strange, but when i create new world, i have all chunks generated. No empty chunks - all looks like just as in vanilla.

I found some issues I'll be working on but other than that it seems to work for me, both in singleplayer and when I run a server.

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10 hours ago, Digitalr said:

Really strange. I try with different world settings (from default to heavily modified), both, localhost server or singleplayer. I cannot find gaps in terrain :(

Can you send me your whole "server-main.txt" so I can have a look at it?
(The locale comma separator should only matter when parsing numbers - I don't do that for this mod.)

4 hours ago, Melchior said:

Wow - Floating islands....makes one wish for GRAPPLING HOOKS & ROPE LADDERS.

Well, if you've been looking at recent development progress for 1.15 ....


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  • copygirl changed the title to SkyChunk v1.1.0

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