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TemporalGearSpawnNerf (mainly for Wilderness Survival)


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Links to download and source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/359

When you die in Wilderness Survival, you respawn a random distance away, usually extremely far. Finding your base is difficult or impossible, making the experience sort of like permadeath. However, once you've obtained a temporal gear (which you can get by panning 7 stacks of sand,) this mechanic is basically nullified because the gear can be used to permanently set your spawn point.

This very simple mod revives the fear of death by clearing your spawn point after you respawn. This means that a temporal gear can be used to respawn at your base only once. After you respawn at your base, you'll need to use another temporal gear to set your spawn point again, or risk being lost in the wilderness.

Feedback welcome! Thanks!


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If I install this mod on my current wilderness survival world where I already have set a spawn point with a gear, will the first spawn still count as the one I set? Or will it wipe, and I'll have to reset the spawn point with a new gear?


Awesome idea btw. The fear of death is needed.

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I already have set a spawn point with a gear, will the first spawn still count as the one I set?

Yes. The mod clears your spawn when you revive, not before.

Since your spawn point is already set, you will need to re-gear after each death, lest you become lost in the wild.

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I actually sort of really like this idea, although it would be a pain.  Make it an option that can be toggled at world gen, and add it to the base game.  Would love to use this setting on a more challenging personal world survival experience..

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