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Road building (mod)


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I am adding roads to my latest mod. I've already added stone path slabs to my fill the gaps mod and I'm working on roman roads like you see in the picture below. But I would like some additional information from you. I've lost my poll and the results. So I need you to post below stating what types of roads you'd like to see in the game. Please post as I can not read your thoughts and pictures are most helpful.



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I love the idea.  I think advanced roads like roman roads should be gated behind bronze or iron.  That way you know upon entering a village you can see how advanced they are.  Plus the building styles available would match the road structure available.  

I would also suggest starting with early-age type roads first since the game has most content for hunter/gatherer/farming/copper/bronze age.   The mod could expand as the game expands content into advanced ages.

Dirt path and grass path was used into the 1900's and would be very important for longer distance and should be cheap. maybe constructed with a tool like a rake or soil spreader tool.


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Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to build roads on the servers. Unfortunately, I am incapable of Voting for one type of road. 


And I want all of them because it means more building blocks, more ways for the player to express creativity.

The only thing that bothers me about this idea is the constraint to build the road using only specific materials.

I love the idea of having more blocks to choose from, not so sure about the bonus part. 60% seems a lot, what if I want to use that nice block inside my building? Will I be bumping everything because of how fast I will be moving?

I know I move faster on a hard surface, but not that much faster. 60% bonus is too much, Instead, I think we need to have transportation methods, like horses and wagons.

I think the player should have a penalty for walking or running on tall grass. It is very realistic since is actually hard to run on it.

Of the road types described, gravel is actually the slowest. I would feel more confident in running over a dirt road them on loose gravel. Trying to run on gravel is asking to fall.

Gravel is only good for a chip parking lot. nothing else.

I see no difference between the grass and the dirt, but for the steps and the picture shows a wider path. Walked on dirt is the same.

I looked at some pictures of flagstone roads and they actually look a lot like cobble, So maybe we could have one more texture for this material.

The last one is just Stone Brick. 

So yes, I want as many more construction blocks as I can get, but I do not move faster on a stone brick road them on a flagstone road. If the existing path is giving 20% bonus is already plenty, no need for more.

I think this is more realistic.

Tallgrass - Penalty  -20%

Short grass - Penalty  -10%

Gravel    - Penalty -10%

Dirt             No penalty.

Compacted dirt    - bonus 10%

Cobble, Wood    - bonus 15%

Stone or Clay Brick  - bonus 20%.

If you want to move faster than that you need a horse.

Maybe what we need is to have a tool to compact dirt. It would feel a lot more natural.

As for wood steps, I would love to have a way to cut a log in 2 pieces and 4 pieces, so I could use it for steps, but with the bark showing. That would make those primitive roads feel a lot more natural.



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I just want to point out that you can vote for all of them. There is no limit to the amount of roads you can vote for which is maybe why I have 8 people voting and the highest vote is 4. @tony Liberatto,  @eagleyes005, @redram, @RainnMannx, @Unclesid

dropping flag stone and stone path steps is going into filling in the gaps mod because some only want steps for the in-game road.

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What if for dirt roads we could just use a tool like this? It would feel more natural than making blocks and placing them.


It's a Manual Plate Tamper. and it has been used for thousands of year to compact dirt. It would be cool if it created a dirt block that was 1/8 lower than a regular dirt block, just like stone path, and the main difference is that grass would not grow on it.

It should not give any speed bonus.

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Ahh, looks cool, but shouldn't the bottom be flat? And wider?

Depending on how many time s you want the player to have to hit the dirt block, if only once them it should be as big as a block, or it could be as big as 1/4 of a block and the player would have to hit 4-times to create the block. Not sure what would work best.

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Ohh, I see so the extra size close to the bottom part of the tool is to give it more weight, makes sense.

So,   is it going to be in the mod? I personally do not see myself using it a lot, because I like my nice roads, but I believe it has it's place in the world and it would be a great addition to the VS Universe.

Like when making a primitive village.

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It was actually being added to Primitive Construction for rammed earth but it could be used for both rammed earth and compacted roads. Though then I have to combine the mods. But then there's no way to seperate them. So might make a seperate tamp but having two tamps seems silly to me.

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