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Lands of Chaos (Alpha Testing)

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1 hour ago, jakecool19 said:

Released a patch that will disable gases for the time being as they cause a lot of lag and will be completely overhauled when I have the time.

Darn. Saw a post had been made on the mod and was hoping you'd gotten around to that. ;)
Already disabled on our server, after your comment that gasses were causing problems after I reported on my lag issues.

Since turning off gasses, I have not seen any lag/freezing issues on any game I've ran the mod on.
Looking forward to being able to turn them on though. 😁

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A suggestion for a future release- Is there a possible way to add a config option that would allow you to configure how quickly a player runs out of air?  I always looked forward to breathing/oxygen mechanics being brought to the game, but also I was sort of enamored with the idea that a seraf was a  being that could swim under water and hold breath for a long period of time, along with being super strong and other characteristics.  

The way the mod works now, exploring under mountain lakes and the deep abyss some lakes afford is off limits.

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Hello again!

Had a thought to share, based on feedback I've seen from my server now that the mod has been live on it for a while.
For the most part the mod has been well received. Folks are loving the big caves and are doing a lot of exploring down there in the depths.

Some are not too keen on the cave in mechanics, even though I have them tuned WAY down from the mod default settings, but I sort of expected not everyone would like it. It requires a lot more care when cutting on stone, and you have to think about how you are going to set up and continue a proper mine shaft you can support if you want to mine safely.  I knew it would hit on some nerves, but it is a perfect fit for the feel I'm building into the server.

The one complaint I am hearing though that I think needs to be shared here is with regard to the look of compromised stone. 

If one wants to build anything underground at all, then all the stone basically needs to be mined out and replaced with building blocks in order to keep it looking nice and clean.  Building anything underground of any significant size has a whole set of new challenges, made irritating to some due to the look of compromised stone everywhere.  Personally I'm find with carving out all the stone and replacing with building blocks to get it looking the way I want, but not everyone has the same build styles or tastes for such things, and on a multiplayer server it is an issue for some.

One suggestion was that the stone does not crack, but merely makes sounds when surrounding blocks are compromised, sort of like the way the mod was in the beginning, as I recall- pretty sure surrounding blocks did not crack and fissure, but you could hear the sound of stone and gravel falling whenever blocks became compromised. 

As a fix= Allow cracks in compromised stone to fade over the course of a few game days? That or add a config option that allows for disabling rendering the cracks in compromised stone but keep the sounds of stone and gravel falling whenever a block becomes compromised.

Most on our server are loving everything else so far, and I am personally looking forward to the gasses being fixed so we can turn them on. ;)


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