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Homesteading balance and stability patch #1 (v1.15.6-rc.1, rc.2)


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Dear Community
v1.15.6-rc.1, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

[Edit:] Also release rc.2 to fix a crash during crafting

Been a while since the last release. After 2 years of lock down I went to visit family and attent to personal matters abroad, which took some time. I am looking forward to a very productive winter now.

This update fixes a number of game balance issues, improves cpu performance in some places and fixes various bugs. Most noable amongst these was issues with cave drawings, room detection, lag spikes and mob spawn caps on multiplayer servers, the ability to sell broken items to traders for profit and the ability to craft items with full durability made with near zero durability items.

Screenshot by GromerJay

Our plans for 1.16
We also have begun work on 1.16. We'd like to finish some of the features we started in 1.15 but couldn't complete in time. Amongst these are the fruit press, alcohol, a new creature or two, forest floors, bell peppers, and other homesteady stuff.


1.15.6-rc.1 Game updates

  • Feature: Can now remove cave art drawings individually with a watering can
  • Feature: Seraphs now glow and emit faint-ish teal light for about 2 minutes upon revival or when they first spawn and its currently night. Should mitigate spawning in pitch blackness a bit.
  • Tweak/Mitigate: Animals taking forever to reproduce when not in loaded chunks. They will now eat quicker when they were not loaded & females and where they still need food for reproduction
  • Tweak: Added player count scaling mob spawn caps to fix the problem of low spawn on multiplayer servers with many players. It also evenly distributes mob spawns around each player.
    • Added server /serverconfig spawncapplayerscaling 0..1
      A value of 0 means no extra mobs can spawn on increased player count, a value of 1 means a second player doubles the spawn cap, 3 players triple the spawn cap and so on. Default value is 0.75
  • Tweak: Significantly improve Entity simulation performance (Technical details: Simplified repuls agents system code, prevent some garbage collection in client animations, reduce block reads for Locusts. Total gain maybe 10 to 40%? Depending on the test case.)
  • Tweak: Attempt to fix lag spikes cause by server mob spawning code (Technical details: call spawn code more often but try spawning less often to even out the load and also added some caching)
  • Tweak: Attempt to fix lag spikes caused by the body temperature system (Technical details: Fix an issue in the room registry, maybe faster block reading loop)
  • Tweak: Improve shape tesselator performance by about 20%. Reduces game startup for this part from 9.5 seconds to 7.7 seconds. (Technical details: Simplifed matrix math code)
  • Tweak: Halved clay oven cooldown speed
  • Tweak: Updated language files, added Japanese and slovak Languages, fixed some bits of text not translateable 🎉
  • Tweak: Removed hack suspicion logging, moved chest open/close logging from debug log to audit log
  • Tweak: Upgraded pit kiln models
  • Tweak: Cave art drawing supplies now gets consumed with a 10% chance each drawing, so that on average each 10 cave art drawings require one resource
  • Tweak: Improve tapestry gui/ground/held transforms, improve tapestry block name
  • Fixed: Room registry derpiness. Now actually keeps memory of every single block in a room to prevent overlaps with undefined behavior, unloaded chiseled blocks lost their thermal insulation properties, potential cause of lag spikes
  • Fixed: Bighorn sheep and other animal AI derp when trying to reach food troughs
  • Fixed: Able to sell completely broken tools to traders (now need at least 95% durability)
  • Fixed: Able to create brand new items using completely broken ingredients in grid crafting (example, steel armor from chain armor)
  • Fixed: Peridot ore never spawning on linux servers? (and logging warnings instead)
  • Fixed: Ladders not attachable to chiseled blocks
  • Fixed: Crash when rotating hanging lichen (through world edit or worldgen)
  • Fixed: Missing block names for clay roofing
  • Fixed: Bombed crystals dropping the wrong variant
  • Fixed: Small memory leak in the character selector
  • Fixed: Able to stack cooking pots in the firepit, causing them to disappear aftering cooking in them
  • Fixed: Reappearing decor after removing them
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with hanging lichen (creative mode only block)
  • Fixed: Server dashboard derpiness when preparing a world download (also fixes new servers no properly initialized with default values on the auth server)
  • Fixed: Ember block not providing heat
  • Fixed: A crash a user had on a bloomery with modded content (i.e. bloomery no longer crashes if it contains unsmeltable material)
  • Fixed: Issues with 8x8 mil and larger worlds (changes to chunks not saved, might fix a crash)
  • Fixed: Rot not shown in troughts
  • Fixed: Incorrect aged fence texture
  • Debug: Might cause the game to crash instead of freeze for some users where a temporal storm used to freeze the game. This would help us track down the problem cause. Please report it if it does
  • Api tweak: Made some fields and methods public
  • Api Tweak: Major code cleanup on the cave art system

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I have linux (debian) and lags are even worse than before - since yesterday when I installed new version my game twice completely froze during knapping and I needed to force restart my PC because of this froze. With previous stable version this didn't happened even once. I have 16 GB RAM with decent graphic card and processor so this is really weird. Pity because otherwise game is really beautiful and enjoyable. Will try to change some settings but with my PC specs it rather should work without it :/


Tried everything I could think about but game frozed completely three more times, every time in the same moment - when I tried to knap the last bit of flint needed to change piece of it into knife. Needed to downgrade, can't play on this new version xD

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Knapping issues are now fixed in rc.3

> The game basically grinds to halt after initial 3-4 minutes.

You can check out https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Debugging to help track down the lag source. Any chance you have only 4 gigs of ram? Running out of ram is usually whats causing severe lag spikes after several minutes only.

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You have an Intel HD 620, which is the minimum setup. I'd disable Bloom, Foam effect and FXAA. I'd also highly recommend leave optimize ram at the default settings when you are on 8 gigs of Ram.

Was the frame rate much better in 1.15.4? I would guess if you downgrade to an earlier version, you'd still see the same framerate pattern, because I haven't really changed much, engine wise.

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