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Ability to grow big trees, e.g. in native biome


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VS has at least one tree type which can't be grown artificially in survival: big oak.

These trees are very beautiful and are very desirable for some builds.

Please consider adding ways to be able to grow them artificially, e.g.:

  1. There should be a low chance of a tree to grow into big form
  2. This chance is about 0.01% in non-native biomes and about 10%(easy approach)/1%(hard approach) in native ones.
  3. The chance can be improved by some fertilizer, e.g. 5 times
  4. Soil under such tree must be high fertility soil in some surface radius and some depth, e.g. r=6, h=3, otherwise chances of big tree spawning become worse, especially if remaining soil is low fertility. ( idea stolen from RedRam's comment in the thread)
    The succesfully grown big tree can turn high fertility soil into low fertility one.

The bigger chance in native biomes can be another diversity factor for people to search and choose a specific place for their base.

The idea was inspired by (or plainly stolen from) https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/235

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I think allowing the player to grow giant trees so easily is a bad idea.  It reduces the impact of the natural ones.  I do like the idea (from that github issue) of making it harder to grow trees outside their native preferred conditions.  I think the idea of taking longer is good, and possibly also reducing the max size achievable, based on conditions.  Maybe even making saplings have a chance to simply die if the conditions are less-than-ideal.  I'm not sure what all conditions VS has, but I'm assuming rainfall is one.  So for instance a kapok might prefer (arbitrary numbers here) 100 rainfall.  For every 10 rainfall below that of the area they are planted, they have a 5% chance to simply die as a sapling.  Maybe they also need a minimum of medium fertility soil.  For every X% below that in Y radius of the sapling, they had an additional Z% chance to die.  Etc.

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If my example method is too easy, it can be complicated. E.g. chances in #2 can be 0.01% and 1%.

What I feel really sad about is that some nice game features are not accessible for survival players.
And these features are not just nice, they are the most beautiful among all other things in the game.


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