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Why can you no longer smelt ingots?

Professor Dragon

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I see in discussion threads here that you can no longer smelt ingots into nuggets in a crucible (since v1.15 I believe).

Instead, you need to make a chisel, then chisel the ingots into nuggets in the crafting grid.


Why not?

Smelting ingots seems to be just a valid operation as smelting nuggets. You still find blacksmiths doing this today, because the ingots are "known amounts" of a set purity.

And related . . . can we have that feature back, please?


Next, can we create alloys from ingots?

For the same reason - it just makes sense when making larger quantities to grab the ingots you need in set ratios and melt them.






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I believe it is a realism thing.  The crucible we currently have is smaller than an ingot, so you have to break the ingot into bits to get it into the crucible.  At least that is my understanding.  It is an added step for sure but it isn't really much of a hassle.  Honestly, it is just a good reason to not turn all of your ore into ingots and save some to the side for casting purposes.

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