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The hunt for the famous double headed drifter


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Since v1.16, a double headed drifter (enhanced version of the nightmare drifter) spawns every temporal storm. This one has even more health points than the basic nightmare drifter. And killing him is VERY interesting. The reward is juicy (temporal gear + a fistful of rusty gears). The challenge is to make sure he spawns. But we know that the more drifters you can kill during the storm, the better is the probability to make him spawn. Problem : killing them actively during the storm is very difficult. But you can kill them using a more clever and  passive way. Gravity is your friend.

Let's imagine a pit, deep enough to kill most of the drifters, but not enough to kill corrupt and nightmare drifters. Let's say you can easily guide them to this pit, so that the gravity kill the weakest ones. When the storm is over, you just have to go down the pit (using you own personal pit with ladders, ha ha ...), and kill the remaining corrupt and nightmare drifters using spears. This is the trap I use now, and it is very efficient. I trapped the double headed drifter 6 times out of 7, without being hit.

First, you build a temporal storm proofed cabin, using 2 chiseled blocks, closed by a door (placing the door can be tricky, you have to put a removable block above the moat, on the bottom-left corner on the following picture, then place the door, then remove the helping block).

Since v1.17, you can build the cabin out of glass, so you can safely enjoy the show of drifters falling, struggling against water flow, fighting themselves, and then ... falling into the pit.


But now, there is a deep pit at the bottom of the moat. We could call this a "Darwin pit", that allows only the strongest to survive 😀. Mine is 35 blocks height, but you can add a little more height if you want to kill even corrupt drifters. To help the drifters to get close to the pit, you put a flowing water at the bottom of the moat, enough to cover all the moat, BUT not the pit itself, of course.



To get sure the flowing water stops exactly before the pit, you have to dig 3 blocks at the opposite corner, and then place a water block at the end of this little tunnel.


When the temporal storm begins, you lock yourself in your glass cabin, looking at the drifters trying to walk against the water and finally fall into the pit.

At the end of the storm, you go down the pit using another vertical chimney with ladders, and you kill the remaining drifters trapped behind the wooden gate.

The 'Z' shaped hallway is essential to ensure you can hit them without being harmed.


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I expect you could place a block above the gate, remove the gate and be able to safely kill drifters with a long blade. 

Nathan Wostrel created a drifter farm that funnels living drifters into a kill chamber using water mechanics then channels the drifter corpses toward a collection chamber.  All safely done without threat of damage by drifter.

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