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  1. I have found so far in my test that faster barrels actually does work in 1.14.0 pre3 but I have only done composting so far not leather,
  2. just tested this mod on the 1.14.0-pre3 and it causes a crash. No rush on a new version or fix just wait until the stable RC if you are so inclined I just wanted you to know the results of my test.
  3. With the carry capacity support are you allowed to put the crates on your back or only hold them?
  4. I think I will get a lot of use out of this mod as I feel that berries rot very quickly (not unnaturally so just hard to deal with). Also adding the dried berries to the porridge recipe pool is a request I would like to make although I know it is a lot of work. It would be like oatmeal with raisins.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Did not realize there was a ModConfig folder. completely overlooked it.
  6. Could there be an option to increase the speed of experience gain. I think in the code this could be done by setting xp to a variable (xpMultiplier) and modifying said variable for each iteration of xp to get the base values and allowing those of us who want faster leveling to configure the xpMultiplier variable's value.
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