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  1. The catch rate does feel OP, but I assume the balance thought was that since fish seems to have such a much lower satiety than other meats.
  2. The guidebook seems to be missing how to make tea. I figured it out after fiddling around, but it feels odd that the guidebook doesn't have the recipe.
  3. Whoops, should have clarified that I'm playing a singleplayer world when I said the new small mixing bowl refuses to function for me! I am running other mods so it may be a mod conflict for me. But no interactions with the small bowl seem to work Rclicking the bowl does not bring up the gui like the full mixer. I also tried placing them on different surfaces, slabs, blocks, tables, mod blocks, still nothing. Unrelated note, but can you no longer drink out of bottles?
  4. I also am noticing that the small mixing bowl does not function. The "powered" mixing bowl functions fine, but right-clicking the new small one does nothing.
  5. You need to prepare them into pelts. Slather some animal fat onto the raw hide and it will cure over time into a pelt. The pelt can be used for crafting or for placing as a rug.
  6. WOAH! Now I'm curious about all this new bottling and liquids, is there a potential alcohol brewing testing hiding behind all this new expansions?
  7. And there it is. I was running V0.9 and the most recent is V0.9.1, I must have snuck by the hotfix.
  8. Other than xskills/lib that I think can tweak drop rates, I don't think any of the mods I run modify logs other than crafting recipes that use logs.
  9. I've noticed a bug with scoring logs, it seems any type of log can be scored and it will then turn into a leaking pine log.
  10. I have a question about fishing, does the material of the hooks/lures make a difference?
  11. Is making tenderized meat supposed to smash the stone into oblivion? I can't imagine you need to hit meat hard enough to pulverize stone in order to tenderize it. Could we maybe have additional recipes for it to use hammers?
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