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  1. I did a quick and dirty edit on the mod trying to get it to work on 1.15. again... just removed the game version dependency (and lowered the spawn chance a bit). I can hardly believe it, but it seems to work fine for me now, just did a test run on a new world and found a patch of weeds within three minutes. (all credit for the mod still goes to Jobediah, of course.) WeaversWeeds EDIT FOR v1.15.zip
  2. One of the (many, many) mods I have installed does that... I'm not 100% sure, but I *think* it's this one: (...besides, even if that's not the one, you'll want this for the Sluice alone... )
  3. I'm not 100% sure it's due to this mod, but I just found out I can't craft a saw with an (quenched & fully cooled) iron saw blade. The saw blinks in and out in the crafting matrix when I put in the blade & stick, and can't be clicked on to actually craft it. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. I just saw the "does not play nice" notice on the page. Will happily try it now, thank you!
  5. Could you elaborate on the issue this one has with XSkills? Love to give it a try... but love XSkills, too...
  6. Hello there, if anyone skilled with modding could create the following for me, please? Copper arrowhead & Copper spear head turned smeltable into X units of Copper (for ingots) Bronze Armlet turned smeltable into X units of Tin Bronze (for ingots) No idea what would be a good value for X... but even if it's something low like 10-25, that would be wonderful.
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