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  1. Thanks for this ppl like this mod on my server.
  2. We have opened the community village, theres some cool ideas in the works that tie into this place. if you want to grab a plot join now (theres also plots inside the mountain. More info below: Community Village Guidelines: 1 plot each You can work and live there. Keep the trees and such and look of nature. Trading is encouraged this is the place to do it A mayor is elected each 1 month Aslong as there is 5 active Community Members the elected Mayor is to become a moderator on discord and the server, The mayor is responsible for cleaning up the village and knocking down old B
  3. in serverconfig.json you need to put your server i.p and port i.p needs "i.p" the quatation marks port does not.
  4. Welcome to Cryptic Realms. I invite you to join a new Modded Survival Server, Where i hope we can build a community of traders, hoarders, miners, bakers, farmers and fighters. Join us to Relax Chill out and build epic Stuff The Spawn currently has 12 outgoing teleports, 3 each for North, East, South and West. With good spacing the furthest out is 20k blocks. enough room to grow and find the things you will need. More teleports coming as Time goes on, next ones will have 20k spacing. The map is 300kx300k Current world config is set to 1 hour in real life is 1 day. We Ha
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