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Any plans for a GOG release in the future?


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I think the game should be released on major storefronts only after it reaches a point in development, after most of it is already there. There's no need to hear people complaining about an unfinished game being unfinished or buggy.

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Hi there :)

I am certainly no expert on this subject but my impression is, that it might be a mistake not to sell it on gog and/or steam (fuck epic tho).

From a refund perspective I can understand why you dont want to go to steam tho (but listing it as a reason not to go for a steam release seems kinda contradictory when selling it over humblestore or itch.io which have their own plolicies as well).

I'm not writing this because I want you to realease it there so I have easier access ;)

I'm writing this because I really like your game and your attitude and want you to succeed!

From my gutfeeling alone, it would easily make you more profit if you went to steam and/or gog, because the increased amout of exposure your game gets will increase the number of sales and this will by far outweigh the 30% you loose to those platforms. But since this is a question that has left me wondering for a long time, I will now try to finally answer it.

Let me try to demonstrate my thought process:

For simplicities sake I'll use 33% (instead of 30% they actually take) for the stores because it makes math with the price of 15€ a lot easier:

You get 15€ when they buy from you, you get 10€ when they buy from them.

Now there are several different types of potential buyers:

1. Those who learn about this game outside the stores and want to buy it no matter what (called "z" in the maths), split into two groups: 

1.1 Those who proceed buying from your homepage (GOOD!) means +15€  (x)

1.2. Those who proceed buying from steam/gog (BAD!) -5€ (y) (because they would have bought it from you if it wasnt on steam/gog)

2. Those who learn about this game outside the stores and only buy it because it is on steam/gog. (Don't underestimate the lazyness of people who simply move on when they can't find it on their favourite store!) (GOOD!) +10€ (a)

and 3. Those who learn about this game in the stores and buy it. (GOOD!) +10€ (b)

So the question is:

What does it take for a realease on steam/gog to be more profitable than staying independent? There is no other way for this to answer then to estimate (because obv. you can't test it), but to have a better idea what values have to be weighted against each other we need maths:

Scenario 1, current state: P1 (profit) = 15z (number of total buyers); z=x+y  (clarification: this is true only for Scenario 2 tho, so it seems wrong to put x+y as z into P1 since y does not appear in Scenario 1, but going forward Scenario 2 is the one for which we try to find out what it takes to make more profit, so it makes sense - for me at least ;)

Scenario 2, selling on stores: P2 = 15x - 5y +10a + 10b

P1 = P2

15 (x+y) = 15x - 5y + 10a + 10b       / divided by 15

x + y = x - 1/3y + 2/3a + 2/3b          / minus x

y = - 1/3y + 2/3a + 2/3b                   / plus 1/3y

1 1/3y = 2/3a + 2/3b                        / multiplied by 3

3y = 2a + 2b                                      / divided by 2

1.5y = a + b

Sooo.. if my maths and my brains have not failed me (can't remember last time I did such an equasion), this is the conclusion:

In order for a release on steam/gog to be more profitable, the number of people who buy it from steam/gog after finding the game there, plus the number of people who buy the game because it is on steam/gog has to be 1.5 or more times higher than the number of people, who would have bought from you but now buy it from steam/gog instead.

Fuck my brain is cheese now, I don't even know if this helps at all xD ..at least it puts things a little bit into perspective...

Maybe others can provide additional insight or estimates (maybe even statistics?), because I really have a hard time guessing how many people would be in which category and I think that things like a faster growth by more exposure should also be considered..

What do you guys think? Did I miss something? Did it make any sense at all? I'm curious what you say ;) and thanks for reading btw!




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On 2/22/2020 at 9:12 PM, AlexanderDeLarge said:

Same revenue split as Steam's 30% but having it on such a visible DRM-free storefront would be great.

I agree, it would be great on GoG, and in extension of that, to be DRM free, however the last time I checked, the game was definitely not DRM free, and I haven't seen any announcements to make me believe anything has changed.

Even if you only want to play single player, it requires you to connect to its authentication server every time you start the game, and AFAIR it even periodically checks while you are playing; otherwise it refuses to launch or ends the game session.


This has been the one thing stopping me from playing, and unless this changes, I won't give it another try, nor will I recommend it to anybody else. Sorry for being harsh, but always-on DRM and "telemetry" are non-negotiable "killer" features, in the most negative sense of the word.

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I would buy it a second time if it were to release on GOG. It is my favorite platform, and I love the customer/gamer friendly vision they have there. They also have amazing support. If this ever gets to a point where the dev wants it on other stores, it would find a very happy home on GOG I think.

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@Paradigmshift2020 thanks for the effort, but as redram mentioned, we are aware that putting it on Steam would likely result in more revenue, but that is not our only driver.

@Corax The game does not periodically check if you are online, it verifies your game session only on startup. After the initial log in you can also block the auth server url and the game should still run indefinitely in offline mode.

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On 4/26/2020 at 10:47 AM, Corax said:

Even if you only want to play single player, it requires you to connect to its authentication server every time you start the game, and AFAIR it even periodically checks while you are playing; otherwise it refuses to launch or ends the game session.

I can confirm that the game only requires verification the first time you play, and only on startup.

I've been playing single player offline for a little over 2 years and have never had it refuse to launch or end the game session in all that time.

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