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The Seasons Update, stable (v1.13.0)


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Dear Seasonal Community
v1.13.0, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

Alrighty, v1.13 seems stable enough for everyone* to use. It has been about 6 months since the first v1.12 stable release and includes about 75 new features, 110 tweaks and improvements, 100+ bugfixes and 60 API changes. Enjoy!

*Notable known issues:
- Users of Radeon HD 5000 and HD 6000 Series Graphics card will have all their grass rendered purple
- During Winter and Spring snow accumulates in unnatural patterns

Game updates

  • All the changes until rc.1, rc.2 and rc.3
  • New since rc.3
    • Tweak: Gamboised armor debuff. Reduced protection from 75% to 70%, reduced durability from 1000 to 900.
    • Tweak: Handbook updates. Added guide on armor and meal cooking
    • Tweak: Greenhouses should now recognize farmland as greenhouse floor
    • Tweak: Berry bushes now also get the greenhouse temperature bonus
    • Tweak: Added /setchiselblockmat worldedit command to set the material of a chiseled block
    • Tweak: Burning entities now emit light
    • Tweak: New sound for pumpkin breaking/placing and for basket opening/closing. Other minor changes.
    • Fixed: Other players jittered when climbing ladders or when colliding with them
    • Fixed: Game crashing when joining a world where another player is using the quern
    • Fixed: Tool durability modifier not properly applied
    • API Feature: Added handbooksearch:// link protocol to open the handbook with a pre-filled search term

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7 hours ago, baba said:

what does animal weight mean btw? i dont think it was there before

I believe that right now, it means that you get less meat from slaughtering the animal if its weight is not optimal.

The use case is to make meat harder to come by in winter, when animals themselves have trouble finding food and are therefore not as plump and juicy.

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