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Fancy Tools: two tools for farming (spade and seed bag)

Jorrit Tyberghein

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Hi all, this is my first ever mod for Vintage Story. As some of you may know I have made tons of mods on Minecraft already (The One Probe, Lost Cities, RFTools, Deep Resonance, MeeCreeps, ...). This mod was meant more as a learning experience. I had to learn a new language (C# vs Java) and a new modding API. So it's likely there are bugs in this mod. Please let me know if you find any.

At this moment this mod adds two items. First there is the Spade:



The spade has only one purpose: that's to move a single block of farmland while keeping its stats. There is already another mod that allows you to break farmland but I believe this is more balanced as it doesn't reset the stats but keeps them as they were. Also it can do only one farmland block at a time.

The next item is the Seed Bag:



The Seed Bag is a bag that can only hold seeds. It has room for 16 slots of seeds. To open the GUI you simply right click it while looking at the air. If you right click it over farmland it will plant the seeds in a 3x3 area. In addition if a Seed Bag is in your hotbar it will automatically collect seeds that you harvest (if there is room)

The mod can be downloaded from:

For 1.13: https://github.com/McJty/FancyTools/releases/tag/0.2

For 1.14: https://github.com/McJty/FancyTools/releases/tag/0.3

For 1.15: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/320#tab-files

Comments are welcome! You can also look at the source code if you want. No promises on that though. This is my first mod so I may have made lots of mistakes there (I welcome constructive criticism).

I have a twitter profile here: https://twitter.com/McJty

And a discord server here: https://discord.gg/4wMtFKT




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Spade is really interesting concept! Usually if you keep building and expanding your base, you'll always end up in point where you want to reallocate at least some of your farmland. Farmland just disappearing doesn't really make sense even if I understand purpose behind this mechanic. And yours is certainly less cheaty than just allow you to pick up block and reset their values completely. It's a perfect middle-ground with your mod :)

Seed bag is also welcomed addon, there is more different seeds than you can fit into one basket, so I always end up with awkward situation not knowing where to store last ones, because sticking them into crate feels weird (don't question :D ). They are also generally small, so slightly bigger bag sounds good.


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interesting mods. I wish I knew more about making mods myself. I have made some small mods that I doubt anyone would be interested in like compressed coal where you put coal(brown, black and char) in the crafting grid filling all 9 slots with 1 coal each and it makes a compressed coal that has slightly longer burn times but not intended for using as a fuel source as it would be more efficient to use the coal chunks themselves but the point of this was when your mining coal and you get multiple stacks you can condense it down into block forms that will condense it into far less space so instead of having 9 stacks of coal you can condense it down to 1 stack.

I wish I knew enough about coding because I would really love to make a form of shulker box. a chest you can put down put stuff in and pick up while maintaining it's inventory for purpose of relocating a base.

or perhaps a mod that would give me something like an enderchest and an automatic sorting system so when I'm out 15,000-20,000 blocks away from home and can put down the enderchest sort of chest drop stuff in it and back at base it will be emptied via hoppers into the correct chest in the sorting/storage room so I don't need to waist several days of travel just to get a few things then need to run all the way back. it makes exploring and gathering far off resources nearly impossible or at least very frustrating and wasting of time.

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one of the mods I've made for a current work around with the whole farmland thing still makes terra pretta being waisted but when you dig up farm land depending on it's fertility it would drop rot when broken. low fertility farmland would drop ave:10 var:5 so 5 to 15 with an average of 10 rot per block medium drops 20 rot on average with a var of 5 so 15-25 rot and terra pretta drops 64 on ave with a variable of 10 so between 54 and 74 rot. I also increased rot stack size to 128 but it still only takes 64 in a barrel to make compost soil.

this can be exploited by making a bunch of low fertility farmland breaking it making it into compost and having a higher value farmland but it also takes several blocks of farmland to get enough rot to make a compost then you need to wait for the compost to get done.

I wish I could have something like your spade but could dig up the whole farmland not just 1 block so when I go to move several thousands of blocks away I don't need to make a separate trip for every single individual farmland I could just dig it all up at once and relocate.

relocating in this game absolutely sucks at the moment lol.

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On VS 1.15.10, I noticed while you can't drag and drop items into the bag that aren't seeds... you can shift-click them in. This in and of itself is a bug, but after a bit of testing on my server it broke, crashed me (I think it was items with spoil timers that did it... I put grains into it) and now I can't open -any- seed bag without getting an unhandled exception crash. I've destroyed the  offending bag, but ANY bag I make still crashes.


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