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CarryCapacity v0.6.4


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  • copygirl changed the title to CarryCapacity v0.6.3
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Small UI bug.

How to reproduce:

  1. Carry something in your hands (empty hands)
  2. Get damaged (fall damage, get hit by mob, loss hp due to hunger for example)
  3. The container you were carrying falls on the ground and the item slot on your toolbar you had now comes available.
  4. If i pick up an item, lets say a loose stick for example and it goes in that toolbar slot...it's now invisible, you dont loose it per say but gotta move it away from that slot to see the item icon again.

Relogging fixes it tough.

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  • copygirl changed the title to CarryCapacity v0.6.4

I've updated the mod for the upcoming 1.16.0 release.

Sorry about that lack of bugfixes. I'm aware of the issues, but have not been able to fix them. I'd rather divert any energy I have towards a rewrite to fit my vision for the mod and support more than just picking up blocks. The original vision for the mod was to be able to pick up entities (such as chickens, or baby animals) as well, or carry animal corpses on your shoulder - something that was somewhat possible together with Immersion / The Neolithic Mod in the past.

Heck, I've been wanting to work together with Tyron and the rest of the team to get it implemented into the main game, though the scope I was going for was probably going to be digging too deep into the game code to implement. I've since pulled back a little, and think I might be able to implement some features without messing with the game code much at all. Unfortunately, my motivation is a fickle beast, and what energy I do have I'm currently putting towards other projects such as streaming, Minecraft mods and servers (still in that good ol' love-hate relationship with that game), and my own game engine.

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8 minutes ago, DasPrinzip said:

We found bugs with the new mod version in 1.16.0 (v0.6.4) :

1) if u pick up a doublechest (the new one in 1.16.x), u get a duped one in your hands
2) only at the left side at the double chest u can place a shield on it

You can pick up trunks? How?! Don't tell me trunks share a block type with chests...

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